Wylde Audio IronWorks Barbarian: Engraved Heavy Metal

Wylde Audio's IronWorks Barbarian is a modern day double cutaway design with active EMG pickups and a luxurious engraved metal top

The Wylde Audio IronWorks Barbarian is made by Schecter Guitars for Zakk Wylde’s guitar company.  This new metal-fronted model has an engraved satin chrome front plate and is covered in Nordic Runes.

IronWorks Barbarian

Wylde Audio is Zakk Wylde’s guitar brand and the new IronWorks Barbarian is pretty Viking axe-looking. This is one heavy metal-looking guitar and not for the faint-hearted.

Wylde Audio IronWorks Barbarian


The modern pointed SG-style body is made from mahogany and is finished in a Black Burst finish with matching satin chrome hardware throughout.

Modern SG-style body shape

Norlin-Style neck

It has a three-piece maple neck, for stability and tone. This is paired with an ebony fretboard fitted with a set of 22 X-Jumbo frets, Pearloid Rune inlays and a Graph Tech XL Ivory Tusq.

The matching satin chrome hardware includes a TonePros T3BP TOM bridge that is paired with the matching T1SZ tailpiece, plus a set of Grover Rotomatic tuners.

It has lots of Gibson Norlin-era construction in the design, especially that three-piece maple neck. Zakk prefers this construction method as does Adam Jones of Tool. He uses a similar setup with his latest signature Epiphone Art Series Les Paul Customs.

Engraved Ironworks Metal Top

Active EMGs

It comes with an EMG 81 bridge position and an EMG 85 in the neck. Both pickups have matching satin chrome pickup covers, to fit with the overall aesthetic

These are controlled by two volume knobs, plus a master tone and wired via a three-way selector switch.

Black Burst finish on the back of the Barbarian
Black Burst finish on the back of the Barbarian

Black Label Society

The guitar looks great and will certainly please fans of Zakk’s band Black Label Society as it has various images and slogans from the band engraved in the design. The guitar obviously looks like a classic ’70s Tony Zemaitis guitar with the engraved all-over pickguard and that is no bad thing.

If you want a hard case for the then they are sold separately. The original listed price for the guitar was supposed to be $2,569.00 but currently, it is available for a lot less on the Schecter website.

MSRP – $1799 

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