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EarthQuaker Devices White Light Legacy Reissue overdrive

EarthQuaker Devices White Light Legacy Reissue overdrive pedal
The EarthQuaker Devices White Light Legacy Reissue overdrive pedal has been updated and upgraded with Flexi-Switch Technology

The EarthQuaker Devices White Light Legacy Reissue overdrive pedal brings back the highly sought-after classic drive effect. Limited to only 2000 units worldwide, this could be one for your pedalboard. This overdrive works equally well on guitar and bass.

White Light Legacy Reissue

The EQD White Light is a hard-clipping, vintage-voiced overdrive that takes its cues from the vintage dirt pedals that defined the sounds of heavy rock. Perfect for both guitar and bass, which makes it a versatile drive pedal to have around.

It has that nice vintage OD250 or Distortion+ style of overdrive, perfect for many styles of rock.

EQD states that the White Light gives you total control over the feel and voice of the dirt along with a modern presence that is highly responsive to your playing.

EQD White Light Legacy Reissue
Legacy Reissue


It has controls for Gain, Level and Weight. Both Gain and Level are fairly self-explanatory, but Weight is described as a “multi-functional tool” that will alter the saturation level, low-end response and the “overall feel of the device”.

Finally, there is the Compression Switch which has two settings: Minus (-): open with more high-mids and bite, and Plus (+): crunchy and compressed with a bit less bite and a flatter mid-response.

EarthQuaker Devices White Light Legacy Reissue overdrive pedal
Updated and Upgraded

Updated for 2023

This somewhat classic EQD overdrive pedal has also been updated with a new enclosure, top-mounted jacks and EQD’s Flexi-Switch Technology.

These upgrades will make this a bit more appealing and it will now fit onto more crowded pedalboard setups with ease thanks to those top-mounted jacks.

MSRP – $159

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