KHDK Totality VMan of Slipknot launches new dual overdrive pedal

Designed with Slipkont's Alessandro Venturella, Totality gives you the VMan's signature aggressive drive tone

The KHDK Totality is a limited edition collaboration with VMan of Slipknot. Offering his signature powerful and aggressive sound, perfect for metal and rock playing and fast riffing.

KHDK Totality

Designed with Slipknot’s Alessandro Venturella, the KHDK Totality gives you the VMan’s signature tone. The Totality is a dual-path overdrive pedal for guitar and bass.

KHDK Totality
Slipknot Tones

It features artwork by artist Luke Preece who is known for his esoteric heavy metal iconography. These limited-edition pedals are built in Prague.

Described as a “mixing board for your amp and overdriven tone”, which features a dual-path input and a slew of sound-sculpting controls.


KHDK Totality
Rear artwork


It has controls for Gain, Tone, Direct Treble and Direct Bass, plus Gain Volume and Direct Volume sliders to tweak the overall drive tone. Finally, there is the Mid Shift switch, which defaults to a pre-selected tone that has been dialled in to match V-Man’s desired tone.

The limited run consists of 250 pedals, each with a signed certificate, signed by Alessandro. Orders open at Midday (CT) on 17 March 2023, with shipping by April 23.

MSRP – $249

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