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Fender Squier Debut Stratocaster & Telecaster: A Beginner’s Dream at $119

Fender Squier Debut Stratocaster- A Beginner's Dream at $119
Fender's new $119 Squier Debut Strat and Tele targets beginners with familiar design & quality at an unbeatable price. Check it out!

Fender is making waves with the launch of the Squier Debut Stratocaster and Telecaster models, ultra-affordable electric guitars priced at just $119. This new addition to the Squier family targets beginner guitarists and aims to compete with the flood of cheap import guitars, particularly those popularized by Amazon sellers.

 Squier Debut – A Familiar Name at an Unbeatable Price

Budget-conscious guitarists have relied on imported guitars inspired by iconic designs for decades. Fender, synonymous with the Stratocaster and Telecaster, is now offering its take on this concept with the Debut.

Yesterday, we wrote about the new Harley Benton St-Modern Plus HSS, which is great value for money. Now, Fender has an even more affordable electric guitar for beginners.

It looks like 2024 could be the best year to start playing the guitar, and there are some amazing quality, affordable instruments.

Squier Debut Telecaster
Squier Debut Telecaster in Dakota Red

Classic Strat & Tele

These new Squier guitars boast the undeniable pedigree of the Stratocaster and Telecaster with the affordability of an import, making it a perfect choice for aspiring musicians.

A Familiar Name at an Unbeatable Price
Value for money

Stripped-Down Specs for Playability

The Squier Debut features a thin, lightweight poplar body, a comfortable maple neck with a laurel fretboard, and three ceramic single-coil pickups for classic Strat tones. The sealed die-cast tuners ensure smooth tuning and reliable performance. The neck profile is Fender’s familiar C-shape, recently popularized across their lineup, offering a comfortable playing experience for beginners.

Fender Squier Debut Stratocaster
Value for money

More Than Just Affordability: The Power of a Legacy

While other affordable guitars might offer similar specs, the Squier Debut boasts an undeniable advantage: it’s a genuine Fender product. This translates to a two-year warranty and the backing of Fender’s 75-year legacy of quality and craftsmanship. This pedigree provides peace of mind and potential resale value for aspiring guitarists.

A genuine Stratocaster on Amazon for $119? Is this real? The new Debut Series come out of nowhere!

YouTubers Give it a Thumbs Up

The guitar community on YouTube has expressed positive surprise towards the Squier Debut. Reviewers are impressed with the playability and quality for the price, particularly for beginners. The Debut’s affordability makes it an attractive platform for modders looking for a project guitar.

Squier Debut Stratocaster
Classic Strat at an affordable price

The Squier Debut: A Smart Choice for Beginners

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned guitarist looking for a project guitar, the Squier Debut Stratocaster is a compelling option. Its affordability, playability, and the trusted Fender name make it a perfect first step into the world of electric guitars.

Available in 2-Colour Sunburst, Black and Dakota Red 

Testing the cheapest Fender Strat on Amazon - $119 Stratocaster

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