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G&L Relaunches the Iconic Rampage with a 21st Century Makeover: The Rampage 24 Arrives

G&L Rampage 24 Jerry Cantrell Alice in Chains
G&L relaunches the iconic Rampage guitar with a 21st century makeover! The Rampage 24 features modern upgrades for players & keeps the classic sound.

G&L has officially launched the long-awaited reboot of their classic Rampage electric guitar, the Fullerton Deluxe Rampage 24. Initially released in 1985, the Rampage quickly became a defining instrument of the grunge era, championed by guitar icon Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains.

G&L Rampage 24 – A Modern Take on a Classic Design

The Rampage 24 retains the original’s minimalist aesthetic but offers several critical upgrades for modern players. The most notable change is the extended 24-fret neck, perfect for shredders and those who love to explore the upper register.

For improved playability, G&L has incorporated sculpted neck cutaways and a sculpted neck heel for easier access to those high notes.

G&L Rampage 24

Enhanced Functionality and Classic Tone

The Rampage 24 boasts a Floyd Rose tremolo system, a first for the model, replacing the original Kahler vibrato. The single G&L AW4370 humbucker remains unchanged, ensuring players get the classic Rampage sound they crave.

Following the original design’s philosophy of simplicity, the Rampage 24 features just a single volume control.

G&L Rampage 24

Classic Options and Modern Build

Available in Ivory and Jet Black finishes, the Rampage 24 features a 12-inch radius maple or ebony fingerboard.

The guitar features a comfortable mid-weight alder body, a fast-playing hard rock maple neck reminiscent of the original, and reliable Sperzel tuners.

G&L Rampage 24

A Worthy Successor for Grunge Fans and Beyond

Whether you’re a die-hard grunge fan or simply looking for a no-nonsense workhorse with a more modern flair, the Rampage 24 is an intriguing option.

With its classic aesthetics, modern upgrades, and iconic sound, the Rampage 24 seems poised to carry the torch for a new generation of players.

G&L Rampage 24

Pricing and Availability

The Rampage 24 is available now at US retailers for $2,299. For more information, visit the G&L website.

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