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Polyphia’s Scott LePage: New Signature Ibanez Xiphos on the Horizon?

Polyphia's Scott LePage- New Signature Ibanez Xiphos on the Horizon?
Polyphia guitarist Scott LePage teases new signature Ibanez guitar in playthrough video. Is it a revamped Xiphos? Find out more!

Eagle-eyed Polyphia fans spotted a potential new signature guitar from Ibanez in Scott LePage’s recent YouTube playthrough of the “Bloodbath” solo.

Ibanez Xiphos

The guitar in question appears to be a modernized version of the Ibanez Xiphos, a famous X-shaped electric guitar known for its sleek aesthetics.


Here’s a breakdown of the features glimpsed in the video:

  • 7-string design: The guitar boasts a 7-string configuration, ideal for Polyphia’s signature blend of progressive metal and djent.
  • Modernized Xiphos body: The body shape resembles a more recent iteration of the Xiphos, possibly inspired by the 2007-2008 models.
  • Striking white finish: The entire guitar is decked out in white, including the hardware and pickup bobbins.
  • Signature Fishman Fluence pickups: LePage’s signature Fishman Fluence Custom Series humbuckers are likely the powerhouses behind the guitar’s sound.
  • Simplified controls: The guitar features a pickup selector switch, a voicing toggle for the pickups, and a single master volume knob for ease of use.
  • Eye-catching vine inlays: The fingerboard showcases a unique vine inlay pattern, adding a touch of visual flair.
  • Two-point vibrato: A welcome departure from the typical double-locking Floyd Rose system commonly found on 7-string metal guitars, this vibrato offers a more user-friendly setup.
  • Ebony fingerboard and jumbo frets: The guitar appears to sport an ebony fretboard with 24 jumbo stainless steel frets, perfect for fast and technical playing.

This potential signature model builds upon LePage’s existing relationship with Ibanez. Notably, he used a reverse-headstock Xiphos alongside Steve Vai in the “Ego Death” video.

When is it coming?

While Ibanez has not officially announced, the video strongly suggests that a Scott LePage signature Xiphos is coming soon. Stay tuned for further updates as they become available!

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