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Mutator Making a Comeback by Behringer – Legendary ’90s Analog Filter/Envelope to Return

Mutator by Behringer
The legendary Mutator, a 90s analog filter loved by Daft Punk & Radiohead, is coming back by Behringer!

The iconic Mutator, a beloved analogue filter and envelope follower from the 90s, is being resurrected by Behringer. This instrument was a staple for artists like Daft Punk, Radiohead, and Nine Inch Nails, known for its ability to create unique and dynamic sounds.


Initially released in 1996, the Mutronics Mutator’s production ceased due to component limitations. But thanks to Behringer’s efforts and collaboration with the original designer (apparently, though no official confirmation from them yet), the Mutator’s magic is set to return.

Mutator by Behringer
Mutator by Behringer

Analogue Filters

This reimagining promises to capture the essence of the original, offering warm analogue filtering and the potential for some serious sonic exploration. Each channel boasts a voltage-controlled filter for synth-like sweeps and an LFO (Low-Frequency Oscillator) for further sound manipulation. The envelope follower adds another layer of control, allowing for dynamic effects.

They sound fantastic on guitar and just about everything else!

Behringer has opted for a versatile design – a desktop version that can be rack-mounted or integrated into a Eurorack system. This caters to various studio setups and preferences.


A previous attempt to revive the Mutator was made in 2014 with a plugin version by Softube. While this option exists, Behringer’s hardware recreation has music producers eagerly awaiting a release date and price announcement.

I have owned the plugin for a few years, and it is fun. But it’s not as much fun as the original hardware, which I have also used on a few tracks in the studio over the years.

So, the Behringer Mutator’s return is a promising development for those seeking to add some analogue warmth and textural depth to their music.

When is it due?

Keep an eye out for further updates on this highly anticipated release. As with all Behringer announcements, it could take some time as they have to source the parts, manufacture them, etc.

I’d buy one if it comes close to the ’90s original.


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