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Mesa/Boogie JP-2C 1×12 Combo: Based on John Petrucci’s favourite Mark IIC+

Mesa/Boogie JP-2C 1x12 Combo: Based on John Petrucci's favourite Mark IIC+
The Mesa/Boogie JP-2C 1x12 combo celebrates 40 years with John Petrucci's signature high-gain sound. This limited-edition amp features iconic Mark IIC+ tones

Mesa/Boogie and Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci have teamed up to create the JP-2C 1×12 combo, a limited-edition signature amplifier celebrating their 40-year partnership. This versatile amp is a dream come true for high-gain players, offering iconic Mark IIC+ tones with modern features for ultimate tonal control.

JP-2C 1×12 Combo – Modernized Mark IIC+ Legacy

The JP-2C 1×12 combo pays homage to Petrucci’s beloved Boogie amp from 2016, capturing the essence of the Mark IIC+ sound while adding contemporary features like:

  • Dual Graphic EQs for precise tone shaping on each channel
  • MIDI connectivity for seamless integration with your rig
  • CabClone Direct Out for studio-quality direct recording or silent practice
  • Footswitchable, tube-driven reverb for lush ambiance

“When designing the JP-2C with the team at MESA/Boogie, the goal was to build an amp that covers everything while honoring the heritage of its iconic Mark IIC+ predecessor. It offers three channels of authentic Mark IIC+ tones and also includes updated features like Dual Graphic EQs, MIDI, and a CabClone Direct Out that make it the ultimate amplifier for today’s guitarists in any situation.”

“The new JP-2C 1×12 Combo incorporates all the features of my JP~2C Head into the classic 1×12 Boogie Combo format. They’re great for gigging because they’re versatile, loud, and powerful. You don’t have to bring a separate head and cabinet to a gig. It’s a portable rig!” –  John Petrucci

Now a Combo

You may remember the JP-2C model from around eight years ago; it is now released as a 1 x 12 combo. Making it more compact, portable, and hopefully easier to gig with.

However, it is still face-melting loud and also very expensive.

John Petrucci

Channel Versatility for All Your Tonal Needs

The JP-2C boasts three distinct channels, each meticulously voiced for a range of playing styles:

  • Channel 1: Pristine clean tones with ample headroom
  • Channel 2: Crunchy rhythm sounds, perfect for aggressive playing
  • Channel 3: High-gain lead tones, warm, fat, and compressed
Mesa Boogie JP-2C Combo_2
Flexible Tone and Power

Player-Friendly Design

Mesa/Boogie has prioritized ease of use with the JP-2C, eliminating the need for excessive “tweaking.”

Features like:

  • Pull Gain for a touch more overdrive
  • Pull Presence for two distinct presence voicings
  • Simplified control panel for intuitive operation

This compact combo offers a 100/60 Watt Power Switch: Choose full or reduced wattage to adapt to various playing environments. The dual 5-band graphic EQ allows users to fine-tune their tone with precision and flexibility, enhancing rhythm and lead sounds.

It has a footswitch to control the effects, channel switching and the two 5-band EQ sections.

Mesa Boogie JP-2C Combo_12-Channel


Another highlight is the SHRED Mode, which unleashes a new level of high-gain articulation and harmonic richness for dynamic performances.

This mode is perfect when you want more of this amp’s potential.

Mesa Boogie JP-2C Combo
Graphic EQ

Built-in Features and Premium Construction

The JP-2C comes loaded with additional features for the modern guitarist:

  • Tube-buffered effects loop for seamless integration of pedals
  • Headphones output for silent practice
  • Celestion Custom 90 speaker for exceptional sonic performance
  • Marine-grade Baltic birch cabinet for rugged durability
Mesa Boogie JP-2C Combo_6
Control Panel

Limited-Edition Powerhouse

The JP-2C 1×12 combo is a limited-edition masterpiece handcrafted in Mesa/Boogie’s Petaluma, California facility. Packed with four 6L6 power tubes, five 12AX7 preamp tubes, and a premium speaker, this amp delivers the power and tone to take your playing to the next level.

MSRP – $4,299/£5,199

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