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Source Audio Artifakt Lo-Fi Elements: Unleash a World of Lo-Fi Textures

Source Audio Artifakt Lo-Fi Elements
Discover the Source Audio Artifakt Lo-Fi Elements pedal for a versatile journey into lo-fi textures for guitar, bass, and keyboards.

The Source Audio Artifakt Lo-Fi Elements is a comprehensive guitar, bass, and keyboard effects pedal that grants instant access to seven lo-fi textures. This versatile processor lets you effortlessly achieve the hazy, scratchy, wobbly, and downright broken tones that epitomize the lo-fi aesthetic.

Artifakt Lo-Fi Elements

Artifakt packs seven distinct effect engines, each meticulously crafted to capture iconic lo-fi characteristics. Explore the crackle and whoosh of vintage radios with the Radio engine. Dial in the warmth and imperfections of tape with Tape, complete with saturation, flutter, and pitch modulation for that nostalgic vibe.

Dedicated knobs for each effect engine allow users to sculpt their desired lo-fi textures meticulously.


Inspiration can strike at any moment. The Artifakt eliminates the need for tedious preset creation. Access 16 preset lo-fi sounds directly on the pedal or leverage the entire library of 128 presets via MIDI for instant sonic gratification. Unlike many lo-fi effects that offer a one-size-fits-all approach, Artifakt empowers users to refine every aspect of their sound.

Emulate Classic Lo-Fi Gear:

Beyond the core Radio and Tape emulations, Artifakt extends its reach to encompass a broader sonic spectrum:

  • µVerb: Achieve lo-fi reverb sounds reminiscent of the grainy ambience in classic 8-bit video games or the twangy character of spring reverbs.

  • Digital Destruction & Analogue Warmth: Want to push the boundaries of lo-fi? Explore the aggressive side with the Crush engine. This section delivers the glitchy, robotic aesthetic of bit crushing and sample rate reduction, perfect for injecting a dose of digital mayhem into your sound.

  • Ladder Filter: Craving smooth, analog-style filtering? Look no further than the Ladder filter engine. Dial in classic filter sweeps reminiscent of the legendary Moog MF-101 synthesizer, adding dynamic movement and texture to your lo-fi creations.

  • Vinyl: Simulate the sound of a well-loved record with the Vinyl engine. This section reproduces the crackle, pops, and subtle pitch variations that lend a nostalgic charm to vinyl recordings.


Experiment with Glitch Effects

  • Glitch: Get adventurous with the Glitch engine. This section lets you create rhythmic, stuttery effects by randomly replaying snippets of your audio at different intervals. This unpredictable effect is perfect for adding a layer of surprise and intrigue to your lo-fi soundscapes.
Source Audio Artifakt Lo-Fi Elements

Neuro 3

While the Artifakt sounds phenomenal straight out of the box, the true power lies in its compatibility with Source Audio’s Neuro 3 software. This free editing platform provides a limitless sonic playground. Craft your signature lo-fi sounds by tweaking parameters, chaining effects, and saving your creations for instant recall.


Integrate Artifakt seamlessly into an existing setup with full MIDI capabilities. This enables you to control parameters remotely using a MIDI controller or DAW, which is perfect for live performances or intricate studio productions.

Key Features

  • 7 Effect Engines
  • 16 Selectable Presets on Pedal (128 via MIDI)
  • Dual Footswitches for effect engagement, Preset scrolling, and more
  • Deep editing and Preset Management with Neuro 3 Software
  • Over 10,000 Downloadable Presets from the Neuro 3 Community
  • MIDI Control via TRS In and Thru Jacks
  • Stereo Inputs and Outputs for Flexibility
  • Expression Pedal Input for Hands-On Control
  • Active Analog or True Bypass Switching Modes

The pedal comes in a rugged, lightweight aluminium enclosure, and the price includes a 9v DC power supply and USB cable.

Lo-Fi Exploration

This new compact pedal squeezes in many lo-fi effects and has many control options. I would guess that many musicians would already use plugins within a DAW to achieve many of these effects. I’m thinking along the lines of AudioThing plugins when I say this. However, having it in one unit that can be used easily could be where the Artifakt Lo-Fi Elements shine, especially in a live band scenario.

Perfect for Trip Hop-inspired tunes and anyone who wants to emulate ’90s bands, including Portishead or Tricky.

MSRP – $349

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