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Introducing the Mayfly Audio Sunrise: Capture the Essence of Classic Blackface Amps

Mayfly Audio Sunrise Capture the Essence of Classic Blackface Amps
Capture the rich tones of iconic blackface reverb amps with the Mayfly Sunrise pedal. Direct recording, stereo reverb, speaker emulation & more!

Mayfly Audio Sunrise is an analogue guitar amp simulator pedal that delivers the coveted sound directly into your PA, DAW, or headphones. It is perfect for guitarists looking to harness the rich tones of iconic blackface reverb amps.

Mayfly Audio Sunrise – Clean Tones to Sweet Breakup

Experience pristine cleans at lower volumes. As you crank the volume knob, the Sunrise seamlessly transitions into a smooth, controllable breakup, perfect for expressive playing. Sculpt your sound with the responsive Treble, Midrange, and Bass controls, meticulously crafted to emulate the legendary response of the original amps.


Versatile Cabinet Simulation

The built-in speaker cabinet simulator faithfully reproduces the openness of a classic American combo amp. But that’s not all! Dial in the tight growl of a closed-back British cabinet, or explore a spectrum of tones in between using the intuitive Cabinet and Cone resonance controls.

Mayfly Sunrise controls

Stereo Reverb and Pedal Integration

Immerse yourself in lush, stereo reverb, adjustable with dedicated Level and Dwell controls for subtle ambience or a cavernous wash.

The Sunrise integrates seamlessly with your existing pedals and boasts a full bypass system for maintaining pristine signal clarity when disengaged.


Studio-Ready Features

  • Analogue circuit design captures the essence of blackface reverb amps
  • Direct recording capability via PA or DAW
  • Responsive Treble, Midrange, and Bass controls
  • Volume and Master Volume for dynamic control
  • Stereo reverb with Level and Dwell controls
  • Stereo headphone jack for silent practice sessions
  • Tweakable cabinet simulator for sonic versatility
  • Pedal-friendly design
  • Full bypass with relay switching

Mayfly Sunrise

Price and Availability:

The Mayfly Audio Sunrise is available now for $399 CAD / $292 USD.

Guitar Bomb Verdict

This Canadian-built pedal could be a great backup or the heart of your rig. It offers some handy features for guitarists seeking classic amp tones on the go. Overall, the Mayfly Audio Sunrise is well worth checking out and priced competitively.

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