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Prismatic Wall: A Spectral Resonator for the Modern Musician

The Prismatic Wall by EAE is more than reverb. This effect pedal transforms your instrument into a shimmering bed of virtual strings, creating unique harmonic textures and endless sonic possibilities. E

Electronic Audio Experiments (EAE) has unveiled the Prismatic Wall, a unique effect pedal designed to transform your instrument’s sound into a shimmering tapestry of harmonic textures.

Prismatic Wall – More Than Reverb

The Prismatic Wall goes beyond traditional reverb by incorporating a physical string model and psychoacoustic manipulation.

It analyzes incoming audio and creates a virtual bank of resonating strings, adding a layer of shimmering sustain that complements the original sound.

Electronic Audio Experiments Prismatic Wall.jpg
Electronic Audio Experiments

Diverse Sonic Palettes

The pedal offers a wide range of sonic possibilities. The Mode selector lets you choose from various string configurations, each with its own distinct harmonic character.

Damping and Decay controls allow you to fine-tune the brightness and duration of the string resonance, creating everything from short, shimmering attacks to extended, ethereal drones.

EAE Prismatic Wall
More than just a reverb

Analog Character, Digital Control

The Prismatic Wall combines the warmth of analogue saturation and filtering with the flexibility of digital processing.

All parameters can be controlled via MIDI, allowing for real-time manipulation and preset creation. Additionally, an onboard LFO (Low-Frequency Oscillator) enables modulation of various effects for a constantly evolving soundscape.

Morphing Soundscapes

For even more expressive sonic exploration, the Morphing function allows smooth transitions between two saved settings using an external footswitch or control voltage source.

A New Instrument

It certainly transcends the typical effect pedal category.

By transforming your instrument’s sound into a bed of resonant strings, it becomes an instrument in its own right, capable of generating complex and ever-evolving sonic textures.

Ready to Explore?

The Prismatic Wall is an intriguing tool for adventurous musicians seeking to push the boundaries of their sonic palette. Will you delve into its multifaceted sonic depths and discover new dimensions of musical expression?

MSRP – $399

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