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Harley Benton Unveils SC-Custom III: Feature-Packed Single-Cut Epiphone Killers Under $400

Harley Benton unveils SC-Custom III: feature-packed single-cut electric guitars with stainless steel frets, diverse pickups (P-90s, humbuckers, Floyd Rose option) and finishes, all for under $400.

Harley Benton is shaking up the sub-$500 electric guitar market with the launch of its next-generation SC-Custom III series. These single-cut guitars boast impressive features like stainless steel frets, a variety of pickup configurations, and even a Floyd Rose vibrato option, all at incredibly affordable prices.

Stainless Steel Frets for Smooth Playability

A standout feature of the SC-Custom III is the inclusion of stainless steel frets as standard across the entire lineup. This premium feature ensures exceptional durability and smooth playing for years to come, something rarely seen in guitars at this price point.

Harley Benton Unveils SC-Custom III
Harley Benton SC-Custom III range

Epiphone Killers

It also means that the competition, including Epiphone, is now looking rather expensive in comparison, especially with all these great finish options and different versions aimed at other various styles of music.

Harley Benton SC-Custom III Active
Harley Benton SC-Custom III Active

Spec Options for Every Player

The SC-Custom III series caters to a wide range of musical tastes with a diverse selection of models:

  • SC-Custom III P-90: With P-90 pickups, you can achieve a classic “fat, yet articulate” tone, perfect for blues and rock.
  • SC-Custom III FR: Unleash your inner shredder with a Floyd Rose 1000 Series double-locking vibrato for wild pitch effects.
  • SC-Custom III Active VBK: Crank up the gain with active humbuckers that are ideal for metal and hard rock.
  • SC-Custom III: The core model offers a versatile combination of humbuckers with coil-splitting for single-coil tones, ideal for various genres.
Harley Benton Unveils SC-Custom III P-90.jpg
Harley Benton SC-Custom III P-90

Classic and Modern Aesthetics

The SC-Custom III series offers a variety of finishes to suit your style, from timeless Vintage Black to eye-catching flamed tops and vibrant bursts. A left-handed option is also available for left-handed players.

Harley Benton SC-Custom III with Floyd Rose
Harley Benton SC-Custom III with Floyd Rose

Unbeatable Value

Priced from $269 to $399, the Harley Benton SC-Custom III series delivers exceptional value for budget-minded guitarists. With its stainless steel frets, diverse pickup options, and stunning finishes, it’s a serious contender for the best electric guitar under $500 on the market.

Available to order now at Thomann

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