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Fender Unveils First-Ever Tweed Tone Master: Digitally Replicating the Iconic ’59 Bassman

Fender Unveils First-Ever Tweed Tone Master: Digitally Replicating the Iconic '59 Bassman
Fender's iconic '59 Bassman gets a modern makeover! The new Tone Master '59 Bassman digitally recreates the legendary amp's sound with powerful features for today's guitarists. Learn more about this historic release and explore the future of Tone Master.

Fender has expanded its popular Tone Master amplifier line by introducing the ’59 Bassman, marking the series’ first foray into tweed amps. This highly anticipated release digitally recreates the coveted sound of Fender’s most iconic amps, the 4×10″ 1959 Bassman, revered by guitarists for its unparalleled tone.

’59 Bassman – Classic Tone, Modern Tech

Launched in 2019, the Tone Master series revolutionized the amp market by offering digital recreations of classic Fender amps like the Princeton Reverb, Twin Reverb, and Super Reverb. Thanks to digital modelling technology, these amps capture the essence of their tube-powered counterparts at a more affordable price point and lighter weight.

'59 Bassman - Classic Tone, Modern Tech.jpg
’59 Bassman

Fender Goes Tweed: A Dream Come True for Guitarists

Previously focused on black-panel amps with a few blonde exceptions, Fender’s Tone Master line now embraces the coveted tweed aesthetic. The ’59 Bassman is a particularly exciting addition, as the original is widely considered the holy grail of Fender amps by many guitarists.

Fender'59 Bassman
Top Panel

Authentic Tone, Powerful Performance

The Tone Master ’59 Bassman utilizes advanced digital processing to meticulously model the original amp’s circuitry, 45-watt power output, and feel. A Class D power amp delivers the headroom and dynamics associated with the classic tube amp and is housed in a lightweight, resonant pine cabinet.

Modern Tweaks for Today’s Guitarists

This isn’t just a digital clone – the Tone Master ’59 Bassman boasts modern features for today’s musicians. An Impulse Response XLR line output allows cabinet simulation, while a mute switch and variable output power provide flexibility. The lightweight pine cabinet enhances portability.

It also has a USB port for firmware upgrades.

Four Jensen P-10R speakers
Four Jensen P-10R speakers

Classic Features, Modern Enhancements

The amp includes a convolution spring reverb for lush tones, a Vintage/Tight switch for shaping the bass response, and a post-power amp effects loop for seamlessly integrating pedals. Staying true to the original, Fender equips the amp with four Jensen P-10R speakers, known for their sparkle and responsiveness.

Also, the jewel illuminates to indicate normal operation, warmup and mute modes.

A Glimpse into the Future of Tone Master?

The Tone Master ’59 Bassman isn’t just a significant amp release; it sets a precedent for the series’ future. With the introduction of the first tweed amp, speculation runs wild about what’s next.

Could Tone Master Silverface amps or amp heads be on the horizon?

Availability and Pricing

The highly anticipated Tone Master ’59 Bassman will be available in October for $1,499, offering guitarists a chance to experience the legendary Bassman tone in a modern package.

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