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Rory Gallagher’s Iconic Fender Stratocaster: Can Ireland Bring It Home?

Rory Gallagher's Iconic Fender Stratocaster- Can Ireland Bring It Home?
Rory Gallagher's iconic Fender Stratocaster is up for auction! Can Ireland raise €1 million to bring this legendary guitar home? Learn more about the fundraising campaign and the future "music museum" planned in Cork.

The legendary Fender Stratocaster, once owned by Irish blues rock icon Rory Gallagher, is set to be auctioned in October 2024. However, a passionate effort is underway to keep this piece of Irish musical history from leaving the Emerald Isle.

A Guitar Steeped in History

Gallagher’s heavily-worn 1961 Stratocaster became synonymous with the musician throughout his career. This instrument is not just a guitar; it’s a tangible piece of Rory Gallagher’s legacy and influence. The guitar’s estimated value of £1,000,000 reflects its significance in the music world.

Legendary Rory Gallagher Guitar Collection Hits the Auction Block at Bonhams
Legendary Rory Gallagher Guitar Collection Hits the Auction Block at Bonhams

A Daughter’s Mission

Sheena Crowley, daughter of the man who first sold the guitar to Gallagher in 1963, has launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise €1 million to purchase the Stratocaster and keep it in Ireland.

Crowley feels strongly connected to Gallagher’s music and its impact on Irish musicians. “This guitar means so much to us in Cork,” she writes on the GoFundMe page. “We feel tied to him and the guitar is a symbol of what he represents for us.”

Beyond the Auction

The GoFundMe campaign is just the first step. Crowley envisions a “music museum” in Cork that celebrates the city’s musical heritage, with Gallagher’s iconic Stratocaster as the centerpiece. This museum would honor Gallagher’s legacy and serve as a tourist destination for fans worldwide.

Join the Cause

The GoFundMe campaign, “Help Bring Rory Gallagher’s Strat Back to his Home Town,” is crucial to securing this piece of Irish music history. Donations can be made on the GoFundMe page below. For more information on the auction and the guitar’s history, visit the Bonhams website.

Can Ireland raise the funds and bring Rory Gallagher’s Fender Stratocaster home? The world will be watching this October.

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