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Marshall acquired by Zound Industries

Marshall Group
Marshall Amplification has been acquired by Zound Industries. The UK family-run brand is now owned by a Swedish company, with the Marshall family retaining part ownership

Marshall Amplification has been acquired by the Swedish company Zound Industries. Though it still remains partially owned by Marshall Family. In addition to Marshall Amplification, the deal also includes Natal Drums, Marshall Records and the Marshall Live Agency.

Marshall Group

Marshall Amplification has been purchased by Zound Industries. They are the company that has worked with Marshall for the last decade making Bluetooth speakers and headphones for the brand.

Jim Marshall founded the company with his son Terry back in 1962.  The brand name has to be one of the biggest, and most well-known in the history of modern music. Everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Slash has used Marshall amps.

“With this game-changing deal, Marshall Group will become the main challenger in our industry and the most exciting alternative to traditional players, bringing even greater innovation and value to clients, employees, and investors alike.”   – Henri de Bodinat, Chairman of Zound Industries

“The way I like to think about it is that Zound has been making products to listen to music, and Marshall has been making products to make music or to play music,”

“We brought the Marshall brand to over 90 countries through the headphones and the speakers. So it became a much more known brand by the masses than it was before,” de Maillard claims. “Before it was the in-the-know, the musicians, people who were really into music who knew about the brand. But through this partnership, we’ve managed to touch a lot more people.”

“I don’t have the number, but I’m pretty sure that drove a lot of people to start playing the guitar as well,” – Jeremy de Maillard new CEO


Marshall Family

The Marshall family retains 24% ownership of the newly formed Marshall Group and so their family legacy carries on in safe hands.

Since my father and I created the original Marshall amp back in 1962, we have always looked for ways to deliver the pioneering Marshall sound to music lovers of all backgrounds and music tastes across the world – and I’m confident that the Marshall Group will elevate this mission and spur the love for the Marshall brand,” – Terry Marshall

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