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JHS Unleashes the Hard Drive: A New Era of High-Gain Distortion

JHS Unleashes the Hard Drive: A New Era of High-Gain Distortion
JHS Pedals goes into high gear with the Hard Drive, a revolutionary new distortion pedal featuring an original high-gain circuit for modern music

JHS Pedals is proud to announce the Hard Drive, a revolutionary new distortion pedal marking a significant departure from their usual design approach. This marks the company’s first original high-gain circuit in their 15-year history, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in a guitar pedal.

Hard Drive – Crafted from Scratch for Modern Music

Inspired by the iconic high-gain tones of the 90s and 2000s, the Hard Drive breaks away from traditional distortion circuits. JHS spent years meticulously crafting a sound that perfectly captures the essence of post-grunge and alternative rock.


Unleashing Sonic Fury

The Hard Drive boasts a unique architecture featuring cascaded gain stages, a hard limiting circuit, and a class AB amplifier section. This innovative design delivers a vast spectrum of distortion, from smooth tube-style crunch to a wall of pulverizing gain that cuts through any mix.


Precision Control for Every Shade of Distortion

The Hard Drive empowers guitarists with a comprehensive suite of controls. Dial in the perfect midrange with the sweepable mid EQ, and fine-tune your bottom and top end with the Baxandall bass and treble controls. Whether you crave subtle overdrive or earth-shaking distortion, the Hard Drive delivers.

A Legacy of Innovation

The Hard Drive holds a special place in JHS history. It represents the final design work of Cliff Smith, JHS’s former head engineer.

“We experimented more with the Hard Drive than any JHS circuit before,” says JHS founder Josh Scott. “Cliff envisioned the Hard Drive as a unique blend of inspirations, not a clone. It’s a testament to his innovative spirit.”

Scott continues, “This pedal was Cliff’s passion project. He poured his heart into crafting a complex gain stage that emulates the warmth and responsiveness of a tube amp in a solid-state design. The Hard Drive is a fitting tribute to Cliff’s legacy and a masterclass in distortion pedal design.”

Hard Drive Features:

  • Original high-gain distortion circuit designed for modern music
  • Cascaded gain stages and hard limiting circuit for a wide range of distortion
  • Class AB amplifier section for tube-like feel and response
  • Sweepable mid EQ, Baxandall bass and treble controls for precise tonal shaping
  • Silent soft-touch switching with buffered bypass


The JHS Hard Drive is available now at authorized JHS dealers worldwide.

  • MSRP: $199/£160.00 available in Black or Tan finishes

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