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David Gilmour Teams Up with Dawner Prince on Boonar Tube Deluxe

David Gilmour Teams Up with Dawner Prince on Boonar Tube Deluxe
The long-awaited Dawner Prince Boonar Tube Deluxe is here! Co-developed with David Gilmour, this limited-edition pedal offers an all-tube signal path, extended delay times, and deep features for guitarists seeking the ultimate echo experience.

Dawner Prince Electronics has finally unveiled the Boonar Tube Deluxe, a long-awaited vacuum tube-powered delay pedal co-developed with legendary Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour.

Boonar Tube Deluxe

This “groundbreaking advancement in vintage echo emulation” is based on the iconic Binson Echorec 2 T7E unit, known for its lush, multi-head tube echo tones. It follows the massive success of Dawner Prince’s Boonar, a popular Binson Echorec emulation pedal that found its way onto countless professional rigs.

Binson Echorec
Binson Echorec

From Fan to Collaborator: Gilmour’s Boonar Inspiration

The story of the Boonar Tube Deluxe began with David Gilmour himself. Impressed by the standard Boonar, Gilmour’s tech, Phil Taylor, initially reached out to Dawner Prince founder Zoran Kraljevic to request a unit for Gilmour’s pedalboard.

Following positive feedback from Gilmour and Taylor, discussions began about creating a “special Boonar” – a completely new design.

This kicked off a lengthy design and testing process, detailed in a series of blog posts on Dawner Prince’s website.

A Signature Pedal Built on Collaboration

Gilmour, Taylor, and Kraljevic worked together to refine the Boonar concept, incorporating features like a vacuum tube for enhanced warmth, a new display screen for easier use, and MIDI capabilities for preset switching.

“The ability to quickly access stored sounds aligns with David’s workflow,” explains Kraljevic. “Designing a pedal for him was an incredible privilege, and I knew I had to deliver something exceptional.”

Boonar Tube Deluxe
David Gilmour collaboration

Overcoming Challenges: From Rare Parts to Global Delays

The quest for authenticity proved difficult. Sourcing rare components and even NOS Magic Eye vacuum tubes required extensive effort, including international travel.

“It was a huge undertaking,” Kraljevic recalls. “But achieving 100% authenticity was paramount.”

Global chip shortages and pandemic lockdowns presented further hurdles. Finally, after meticulous refinement, a final prototype was sent to Gilmour for approval.

The Boonar Tube Deluxe: A Powerful Echo Machine is Born

The result is a completely new Boonar unit boasting a genuine Binson Echorec triode tube circuit, delay times ranging from 12ms to 950ms, and a user-friendly OLED display.

The pedal boasts 16 onboard presets with renaming capabilities, with an additional 127 accessible via MIDI. Individual playback and feedback controls offer deep sonic sculpting potential, and a USB port allows for firmware updates.

Limited Availability and Premium Price Tag

Reflecting its high-end components and collaborative development, the Boonar Tube Deluxe is a strictly limited-edition unit with a price tag of $1,199.

The standard Boonar remains available for $349.

For more details on the creation of the Boonar Tube Deluxe and to pre-order yours, visit the Dawner Prince website.

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