Jef Stone

My name is Jef and this is my site about all things guitar. 

With all the strangest guitar news, gear reviews, tips and tricks. Along with industry leaks, rumours and new cool and upcoming guitar technology. From the weird and wonderful to classic vintage instruments it’s all here at Guitar Bomb.

In the past, working at some of the biggest music equipment retailers in the UK helping musicians set up everything from guitar rigs to Pro Tools rigs over the years. I worked at Apple for 15 years, where my main focus was helping musicians and engineers use Macs to set up recording studios, so I have a good knowledge of setting up Macs and PCs for making music.

Played and recorded guitars all my life, and in doing so have built up a huge collection of guitars, effects pedals and amplifiers. I write daily for and also run an Instagram page that features my own guitars.


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