Ola Englund has his hands on the Boss HM-2w Prototype!

Boss has sent Ola Englund a prototype of the upcoming Waza Craft HM-2w pedal. Based on the original black and orange pedal released in the ’80s, the pedal that is the voice of Swedish Death Metal!

Chainsaw Tones

The famous Swedish Death Metal tone originated with the abuse of the ’80s Boss HM-2 pedal. Just dial everything to maximum and that was the sound that started the whole movement.

Nowadays, vintage originals from the ’80s that were made in Japan and the ’90s which were made in Taiwan, have become sought after and so prices have risen sharply in the last decade or so.

Boss announced the new Waza Craft edition is coming soon, and now we finally get to hear a prototype of this new HM-2W pedal, as Ola Englund got sent a one and he has made a video.

Boss HM-2W prototype

Two Modes

It has two modes, Standard and Custom, both of which have a much lower noise floor than the originals, so less annoying hiss, but they have that Chainsaw Distortion sound of the originals.

The added Custom mode has even more drive apparently, so if you always wanted more even more filth, then this could be the mode for you!

Check out Ola giving it the ‘Everything on 10’ test in the video below.


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