Dedalo FX Gorila GOR-4 optical bass compressor

Dedalo FX Gorila GOR-4 optical bass compressor

The new updated Dedalo FX Gorila GOR-4 optical bass compressor takes its inspiration from the classic LA-2A studio effect. With parallel compression and everything you need for solid low end thump.

Dedalo FX Gorila GOR-4

This is the latest incarnation from the Argentinean pedal maker and aims to provide bass players with a solid studio quality compressor, in a pedal format. Now utilising a brand-new op amp for the gain stages, with a higher-spec’d, studio-grade chip which should make it even better for your bass rig.

Dedalo FX Gorila GOR-4


With a design that is inspired by the LA-2A family, and with a separate circuit stage of analogue limiting, plus a threshold that can be adjusted with a side trimpot. This compact yellow stompbox certainly has all the tools a modern bass player requires for compression.

Dedalo FX Gorila GOR-4 with Limit control on top edge of the pedal

Tilt EQ

You have a clean-signal blend control and a Tilt EQ which is centred 250hz. With the control in the middle, the EQ is flat. The Eq is applied on the already compressed signal.

The Gain control is used as makeup gain control, to bring your compressed signal up so it matches the level with your bypassed signal. Along with controls for Compression, the aforementioned Blend knob, Attack and that Limit mini control on the top corner of the unit. All controls do exactly what you would expect and it looks nice and easy to operate, which I think is always a good thing for compression pedals.

Finally you have a handy compression indicator LED along with true bypass switching.

Each pedal comes with a two year warranty and you can buy direct from their site from the link below. You can check it out in the demo video below as well.

RRP – USD 140 plus shipping

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