Willow Smith’s Transparent Soul EBMM St. Vincent Solar System guitar

Check out this custom designed solar system guitar by artist Yvette Young being wielded by Willow Smith

This custom designed guitar by artist Yvette Young is being wielded by Willow Smith. Willow’s latest track Transparent Soul is out now and you can see this awesome looking axe in action!

Willow Smith Transparent Soul

Based on the original Ernie Ball Music Man St. Vincent signature, Willow Smith’s new guitar comes with a solar system-inspired artwork which was designed by artist Yvette Young.

Originally the signature guitar for Annie Erin Clark who goes by the name St. Vincent, these guitars are already pretty amazing to look at and play.

Willow Smith Transparent Soul EBMM St Vincent Solar System guitar

EBMM St Vincent

The Ernie Ball Music Man St. Vincent signature guitar normally features a lightweight Okoume body, with a premium roasted maple neck with either a rosewood, ebony or maple fretboard.

I’m really liking this solar system inspired finish on Willow’s guitar and think it looks pretty epic. You can check out Willow Smith’s new track Transparent Soul below, and the solar system guitar makes an appearance in the official video.

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EBMM St Vincent

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