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Review: Dan’s Guitar Store Precision Guitar Picks

These Dan's Guitar Store Precision Guitar Picks could be the perfect 'little blue' upgrade for your tone.

Dan’s Guitar Store has launched their own  Precision Guitar Picks and they kindly sent me some to try out and review. If you like a quality plectrum then these blue pointy picks could be just what you’re looking for.

Precision Guitar Picks

I’m a fan of a good quality plectrum and have spent many, many years checking out various brands, styles, and thicknesses of guitar picks. These new Dan’s Guitar Store Precision Guitar Picks offer players some great features. They could also be a very cost-effective way for you to upgrade your guitar tone and also improve your playing.

Dan's Guitar Store Precision Pick
Dan’s Guitar Store Precision Pick offers a precision picking experience

Thicker Plectrums

Usually, I aim for thicker plectrums, and during my plectrum journey, I moved to Dunlop Jazz III models decades ago, and since then have tried out many ’boutique’ picks and improved Jazz III-style plectrums. For the last 18 months or so I have predominantly been using the Dunlop John Petrucci signature plectrums, which are a larger variation of the Jazz III plectrum.

My main reasoning was they are easy to find, last ages and they offer good control and a decent thickness. Here in the UK, they retail for around £7 – £8 for a packet of six.

Dunlop John Petrucci Jazz III
The Dunlop John Petrucci Jazz III my ‘standard’ plectrum

Precision Upgrade 

Dan’s Guitar Store offers you 10 Precision Guitar Picks for only £6.99, or 5 for £3.99, so they are comparable in price to my ‘go-to’ everyday plectrum of choice. They actually work out cheaper and the quality is just as high, if not higher than the Dunlop branded models that you may already be familiar with.

Dan's Guitar Store Precision Pick
Dan’s Guitar Store Precision Pick

Solid Picking

They come in at a similar size to the John Petrucci Jazz III, but where I really noticed a difference was these Precision Guitar Picks have much better grip than the Dunlops. This comes from the raised patterns on both sides of the pick, so a good design choice, and not just a logo. Plus, they also have a much sharper edge, with a more pronounced tip, which really makes string skipping and tremolo picking a lot easier.

Hard Wearing

For me personally, it all added up to a really nice picking experience, and they make fast-picked lines a breeze. I’m also a fan of their 1.5mm thickness, as they don’t really flex and the tip held its shape well, even after a full-on week of me playing hard. I average gauge 10 and 11 strings across my guitars, and I’m pretty heavy-handed at times, so I often blunt plectrums within a day or two.

Dan's Guitar Store Precision Pick also offers great value for money
Dan’s Guitar Store Precision Pick also offers great value for money

Pick Specifications

A potential advantage for anyone that drops their plectrums, is the bright blue really stands out, whereas my standard black coloured Dunlops tend to blend in with the floor. Which could be great if you lose a lot of picks!

  • High precision ‘dagger’ tip
  • Full-surface multi-layered grip
  • Double-bevelled, low wear edges
  • Sized for speed and control
  • Stunning colour ( you won’t lose these easily!)
  • 1.5mm thickness at the centre
  • Specialised material

Great Value

If you want a cheap, simple upgrade for your playing then these little blue Precision Picks are well worth checking out. You can order yourself a packet from the link below.

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