Third Man Hardware MXR Double Down for Jack White

Jack White’s Third Man Hardware pedal company has revealed the new Double Down pedal, which was made in partnership with MXR.

Third Man Hardware the pedal company owned by Jack White has announced a new stompbox. It is called the Double Down and was made in partnership with MXR. A potentially useful pedal for anyone that wants to run two guitar amps at once in their rig.

Double Down

The new Double Down pedal is available in a standard version and also in a Reverb-exclusive yellow paint job.

This stompbox was inspired by the MXR Micro Amp, which is a favourite of Jack White.  It is essentially two Micro Amp pedals in one housing, each with its own level and dedicated output.

It allows players to send the affected signal to two guitar amps at once, so perfect for independent MXR preamp gain on both amplifiers. Each guitar amp can be affected at a different level. This means you can balance them, or maybe have one driven harder than the other, etc

Third Man Hardware MXR Double Down for Jack White
Third Man Hardware MXR Double Down for Jack White


The Double Down Pedal’s single input jack splits your signal into two separate outputs, each with its own Gain control for up to +26dB of signal boost.

On the left side of the housing is a Phase switch that adds a pronounced stereophonic effect by inverting the phase of the second output signal.

Then on the right side of the pedal is a Buffer switch so that you can choose between true bypass or buffered bypass switching to keep your sound intact when driving two signal chains.

Reverb Exclusive
Reverb Exclusive Double Down in yellow

Reverb Exclusive

The regular edition is finished in a black paint job with yellow text and the Reverb Exclusive version is in the opposite colour scheme.

Both are available for preorder now and will be due to ship in February 2023.

Both versions of the Double Down pedal do exactly the same. Just the Reverb version will bump the cost up by nearly $100 if you want that yellow finish. If you need to know more, then be sure to check out the official demo video with Jack White below.

MSRP – Standard MXR-Third Man Double Down $169.99 & Reverb Exclusive version $242.99


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