Solar Guitars launch European Master Series with XF6FRFSB

Ola Englund's Solar Guitars launches new high-end European Master Series and it looks like this Dimebag-inspired model could be a blast to play.


Solar Guitars has launched its new European Master Series with this ‘very metal’ XF6FRFSB model. The guitar company owned by Ola Englund of The Haunted, Feared and YouTube fame now has a high-end guitar range with more models slated for the future.

UPDATE 08/02/23

Ola has uploaded a neat tour of the Tom Marceu Workshop in France to his YouTube channel. These European Master Series are looking like they could be a great option for a lot of players that want a high-quality, pro-spec guitar.

European Master Series

I kind of love what Ola Englund does, as he makes full-on metal-orientated guitars and puts them into the hands of the masses and all for reasonable money. Up until now, you could find most of his guitars for around €1000-ish.

Solar Guitars launch European Master Series with XF6FRFSB
Solar Guitars launch European Master Series with XF6FRFSB


Now we have the new high-end European Master Series and it launches with this all-new XF6FRFSB model, which looks like a homage to Darrell ‘Dimeback’ Lance Abbott.

“I’ve always had a soft spot for high-end guitars that have a sort of mystery about them, so now, after doing five years of Solar Guitars, we are creating some instruments that to me hold that same type of mystique, I’m super excited about all the models we are building and releasing in 2023.” – Ola Englund

Solar Guitars launch European Master Series
Solarburst flame top


It has a Solarburst AAA book-matched flat flame maple top and a matching headstock cap. This top is paired with a mahogany body and a mahogany 24.75″ scale-length neck.

Key neck specifications include a 10-12” compound radius, and a fretboard made of Richlite. This is fitted with 22 stainless steel super jumbo frets, Luminlay fret markers and Solar’s logo inlaid at the 12th fret.

This model features a pair of custom-wound Solar Modern SA56BEU and SA56NEU humbuckers, which are voiced to be “more modern and aggressive” than the company’s Solar Alnico V pickups. The humbuckers can be adjusted by a minimalist control set comprising a single volume knob, a three-way pickup toggle and a killswitch.

Hardware includes a Schaller Lockmeister Floyd Rose and a set of Schaller M6 locking tuners all finished in black.

The price also includes a custom MCX moulded case and an Ola Englund-autographed certificate of authenticity.

These new high-end models could be just what pro players are looking for and I am looking forward to seeing and hearing some reviews over the coming months. Nice one, Ola!

MSRP –  $3,799 


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