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Electro-Harmonix Slap-Back Echo Analog Delay reissued

Electro-Harmonix Slap-Back Echo Analog Delay Reissue
The Electro-Harmonix Slap-Back Echo Analog Delay is back and has now been reissued in a smaller housing with modern updates.

The originals first appeared back in 1978. Now Electro Harmonix has reissued the Slap-Back Echo Analog Delay as a smaller, modern version of their original late ’70s big box analogue delay effect.

Electro-Harmonix Slap-Back Echo Analog Delay

This new modern Electro-Harmonix Slap-Back Echo has Gain and Blend knobs, plus a Time switch.

It has three basic delay time settings accessed via the mini toggle switch and up to 20 dB Boost plus as well. The Slap-Back Echo effect can achieve a wide range of delays from subtle doubling delay effects to more intense reflections.

Electro-Harmonix Slap-Back Echo Analog Delay Reissue
Electro-Harmonix Slap-Back Echo Analog Delay Reissue
Electro-Harmonix Slap-Back Echo Analog Delay Reissue
Analog Delay with three settings and a boost


The pedal’s Gain sets the input signal before the echo circuit and sets the volume at the output with an increase of up to 20 dB.

Whilst the Blend knob mixes the dry signal and the echo signal from 100% dry to 100% echo. Finally, the Time switch sets one of the three different delay times: 45 ms, 65 ms and 100 ms.

The effect circuit is a true bypass design and is operated at a standard 9 volts. All these updates, including the smaller pedal housing, should help to make this effect a popular one for a lot of guitarists.

Electro-Harmonix Slap-Back Echo Analog Delay Reissue
Smaller and True Bypass

Modern Reissue

I think Mike Matthews the owner of EHX has made a wise decision to reissue this one and we may well have Josh Scott of JHS pedals fame to thank for it. As he has been asking publically for Electro-Hrrmonix to reissue this pedal for a good while now.

The price is good, it is analogue and it has that delay sound that many musicians love. Plus, now it is smaller and true bypass, which makes it even more appealing.

MSRP – $81

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