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LEAK: Squier Paranormal 2023 range is coming

Squier Paranormal 2023 leaked online ahead of the official announcement. New models and colours including Rascal Bass and XII Jazzmaster

The Squier Paranormal 2023 has leaked online and contains a whole heap of new models and colours for this year. Including the new Esquire Deluxe, P90 Stratosonic, Custom Nashville Stratocaster, the XII Jazzmaster and the Rascal bass.

Squier Paranormal 2023

Italian company MUSIC WORKS is the Squier dealership that has ‘accidentally’ published the new Squier Paranormal 2023 range of guitars and basses on Reverb.

They have also been published on a UK site, where the 12-string XII Jazzmaster in Olympic White is listed for £429.99. There it has the following description.

With its iconic offset body shape and rich harmonic character, the Squier® Jazzmaster® XII encourages the most adventurous players to chart a new course of guitar exploration. Featuring dual Fender-Designed alnico single-coil Jazzmaster pickups with 3-way switching and a vintage-inspired “hockey stick” headstock design, this 12-string model doubles down on chime-y tones and timeless style. Other player-friendly details include a graphite-reinforced “C”-shape neck for optimal stability and easy playability, a hybrid string-through-body/top-load bridge for reliable intonation, vintage-style tuning machines for smooth tuning action, and a gloss neck finish for a slick yet confident feel.


  • Fender-Designed alnico single-coil Jazzmaster pickups
  • Graphite-reinforced “C”-shape neck
  • Hybrid string-through-body/top-load 12-string hardtail bridge
  • Vintage-inspired “hockey stick” headstock shape
  • Vintage-style tuning machines
Squier Paranormal Jazzmaster XII
Specifications XII

More photos have now been shared on the offsetguitar and thefretboard guitar forums and so the new leaked models are all over the internet already.

XII & Rascal

Two XII Jazzmaster models with fixed bridges look fun.

As does the Rascal Bass which is available in Sherwood Green and Black finishes, both with matching painted headstocks.

Plus, there is an Esquire Deluxe, P90 Stratosonic and the Paranormal Nashville model to look forward to.

Custom Nashville Stratocaster
P90 Stratosonic
Esquire Deluxe

Which one would you buy?

Currently, there aren’t any more detailed specifications for each model. Though, there are certainly a few interesting ones in this leak. I guess there could be more models which we haven’t seen yet, so I will update this article if any more information surfaces.

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