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Squier Sonic Limited Run: Cool Colours announced

These Squier Sonic Limited Run are available for a short time from Fender and include Lime Green, Graffiti Yellow, Ultraviolet and more

These Squier Sonic Limited Run Colours include super bright, almost eye-watering Lime Green, Graffiti Yellow, Ultraviolet, California Blue and all Black options.

Squier Sonic Limited Run Colours

These new Squier Sonics are a web-exclusive run of guitars and basses from the ultra-affordable range of instruments.

Priced between $199.99-$219.99 each, these Sonic models offer great value for money and now there are some cool new colours, albeit for a limited time frame.

Squier Sonic limited-edition colours
Squier Sonic limited-edition colours

Super Sonics

Models included are the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Mustang, Precision Bass, Bronco Bass and Esquire. Which really gives players a good choice of instruments to choose from.

Specifications include poplar bodies and maple necks, along with either a maple or a laurel fretboard.

Squier Sonic Limited Run Colours Lime Green Esquire
Lime Green Esquire
California Blue Strat with single humbucker
California Blue Strat with a single humbucker
Lime Green Mustang
Lime Green Mustang

New Colours

If you like Lime Green, Graffiti Yellow, Ultraviolet or California Blue then you will enjoy these new models.

Squier Sonic Limited Run Colours Graffiti Yellow Stratocaster
Graffiti Yellow Stratocaster
Ultraviolet Bronco Bass
Ultraviolet Bronco Bass
Lime Green P Bass
Lime Green P Bass

All Black

If you prefer something darker then the all-black versions will give you that ’70s or ’80s look that many players love.

Black Mustang HH
Black Mustang HH

MSRP – Between $199.99-$219.99

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