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Epiphone Power Players Multi-Effects Pedal

Epiphone Power Players overdrive, distortion, and delay pedal with FX loop, 1/4" and XLR left/right outputs, and cabinet simulation

Epiphone Power Players Multi-Effects Pedal is apparently about to be released and offers three basic effects in one compact unit. Aimed at beginners this new mult-effect looks to be out soon, with some US sites already listing it ahead of an official launch. 

Epiphone Power Players

The Epiphone Power Players Multi Effects pedal is an all-new compact effects workstation designed with ease of use in mind for the beginner.

Aimed at beginners, the Power Players Multi Effects pedal could be a great first =mult-effects pedal.

This pedal begins with Overdrive and Distortion effects, offering both soft clipping and hard clipping gain stages. Moving to the left is a 3-knob Delay circuit with a tap tempo function.

Holding the tap tempo button on the Power Players Multi-Effects engages the tuner function.

Plus it has both 1/4-inch and XLR left/right outputs, with cabinet simulation and a 1/8-inch aux input so you can jam along with your favorite tunes.

Epiphone Power Players.png
Epiphone Power Players


It has a neat-looking metal chassis finished in white and has an onboard tuner and a tap tempo facility.

The price apparently includes a power supply and a 10-foot guitar cable.

Epiphone Power Players

Gigbag essential?

Making it basic, but with most of the things a guitarist would need for a fly gig or as a portable solution for a gigbag.

Currently, they are listed on Sweetwater for $199 and Russo Music for $159, though there is no official information on the main Epiphone site yet.


It looks like a re-branded JOYO TC 1 Tone Chain and I’m guessing that Gibson/Epiphone didn’t want to do any R&D, so decided to rebadge an existing product.

The JOYO retails for £114.00 in the UK and so the Epiphone adds a premium to the price for the Epiphone name.

JOYO Tonechain
JOYO Tonechain

If you like effects then check out our Best Effects Pedals 2023 article, as it lists of Top 5 Stompboxes of the year.

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