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Victory VX Kraken MKII new 2023 version

Victory VX Kraken MKII
Victory VX Kraken MKII is the newly updated for 2023 all tube amp head design in conjunction with Rabea Massaad

Victory’s VX Kraken MKII is the new updated 2023 version of the tube amp designed with Rabea Massaad. With 50 watts of power and now available in two formats.

Victory VX Kraken MKII

This 2023 version of the Victory VX Kraken MKII 50-watt tube amp head adds a few extras to the original VX Kraken design.

The amp itself is based on four 12AX7 preamp tubes and a pair of  6L6 power output tubes.

It is now being made available as either a Lunch Box amp or as a Compact Head which comes in a wooden head shell.


Lee Anderton

The recent ‘controversy’ involving KDH exposing Lee Anderton of Andertons.

As Lee is involved with Victory Amplification, and had until recently not been disclosing his involvement in Andertons’ YouTube videos. However, this has done nothing to dampen the brand’s popularity.


This new version can still have the wattage power knocked down to 9 watts but loses the previous multiple output wattages of its predecessor.

It has two Gain channels as standard, with one for classic British-inspired rhythm tones and the other for American high-gain tones.


Gain & Clean

It has a new Clean mode for Gain I, which is also foot-switchable or it can be controlled by a three-way switch on the amp’s front panel.

There is also a series effects loop that can be completely removed from the signal path/circuit when bypassed. making it good for both pedal fans and tube tone purists alike.

Presence Shift

Victory has added a presence control with a presence shift switch and it also has an assignable dual master volume. Plus, it now has external rear bias test points on the rear of the amp and a Gain I balance control.

Gain 1 Balance & Bias Test Points


On paper, it looks like a decent modern tube amp head. The previous version has a reputation for being very mid-heavy and having a bass cut in Gain II mode. I’m not sure if Victory has addressed this, or if that is really an issue for everyone.

It offers solid tube tones, with plenty of gain for modern playing styles. Rabea certainly makes it sound pretty good in the demo video.

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MSRP –  Lunch Box £1419/$1549/ €1659 and Compact Head £1579/ $1699/ €1849 

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