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Japanese Foldable Guitar

Blues Walker Foldable Guitar
This Japanese Foldable Guitar system by Blues Walker contains everything you need for vintage Fender-inspired tones

This Japanese Foldable Guitar system comes complete with an amp. The whole thing is packed into a suitcase covered in vintage 50s-tyle tweed. 

Japanese Foldable Guitar

Yuji Shimano has created a foldable guitar system that is contained within a tweed-covered briefcase that also houses a guitar amp and speaker.

Strocaster-style foldable guitar
Stratocaster-style foldable guitar

The Japanese guitarist has made something that looks classic and sounds like a vintage electric guitar setup.

'50s Tone and Style
’50s Tone and Style

Potentially, this invention could make it the perfect travel guitar system for many musicians.

Foldable Guitar
Foldable Guitar

As the whole package fits into such a compact space guitarist could take it practically anywhere with ease. As the whole appears to be small enough to fit into the overhead locker on an airplane, it could be great for international travel as well.

I love that it contains everything you need to get an amplified electric guitar, including the guitar lead.

Telecaster inspired folding guitar
Telecaster-inspired folding guitar
Blues Walker folding guitar rear
Blues Walker folding guitar rear

Fender Style

His guitar designs look very Fender-inspired and he has both a Stratocaster-like three single coil folding guitar and a more 1953 Telecaster-style two pickup model.

The Strat version even has a vintage-style tremolo/vibrato bridge for adding some shimmer to your chords and notes.

1953 Telecaster style
1953 Telecaster style

Have Guitar Will Travel

The whole folding system looks to be designed to add string tension once it is unfolded. Then once the player has the guitar out of the case and extended to full size, all they need to do is tune it up and plug it into the built-in amp,

Fender-inspired Double Trouble

Blues Walker

Make sure to check out all his work via his Blues Walker site and YouTube channel. The work looks fantastic and sounds really good. Making it not just a gimmick, but a viable portable guitar rig with great tone.

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