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Sterling Pete Wentz StingRay Bass unveiled

Sterling Pete Wentz StingRay Bass unveiled
Stirling Pete Wentz StingRay announced. Pete Wentz unveils his signature StingRay bass - A Blend of Punk Rock Heritage and Modern Playability

New Sterling Pete Wentz StingRay Bass announced. Pete Wentz, the co-founder and bassist of Fall Out Boy, is an enduring icon in the world of punk rock and pop punk music. 

Pete Wentz StingRay

This Sterling Pete Wentz bass is not only a workhorse but also a testament to Wentz’s distinctive style. His latest creation, the Artist Series StingRay, pays homage to his roots while embracing modern playability.

Pete Wentz StingRay

It follows on from the DarkRay released earlier this month and is another great-looking, affordable bass model.

Sterling Pete Wentz Fall Out Boy

Distinctive Aesthetics

Pete Wentz’s style shines through with a custom loon inlay, black hardware, and a striking gold pickguard. Whether you’re jamming in a garage or headlining stadium tours, this StingRay captures the versatile, dynamic sound that embodies Pete’s rebellious spirit.

Made to Pete’s Exact Specifications

Available in Black or Fiesta Red, this signature StingRay is tailored to Wentz’s exact specifications. It offers fans the opportunity to wield the same bass guitar that Wentz has been playing on the Fall Out Boy ’23/24 worldwide So Much For (Tour) Dust headline tour.

Stirling Pete Wentz Fiesta Red StingRay bass

Tested on the Road

Wentz himself attests to the StingRay’s durability on the road, saying, On this tour, these basses come backstage, they go out – I play at the front of the house or I go out and play near the lawn, and they’ve held up for all that.”

Simple, Yet Powerful Electronics

As Sterling by Music Man’s first full-scale passive bass, the electronics are straightforward – an Alnico V humbucker linked to master tone and volume controls.

A Personal Touch to Design

Pete Wentz’s design references for this bass were drawn from various sources, including watches and skateboards. He emphasizes the importance of simplicity and quality ingredients in design.

Reverb Exclusive Pete Wentz StingRay

Reverb Exclusive

As part of the launch, Sterling by Music Man has teamed up with Reverb to offer 50 exclusive limited-edition Pete Wentz autographed basses. Pete Wentz believes that punk rock should be accessible, making this bass a unique opportunity for fans.

Pricing and Availability

The Pete Wentz signature bass is set to retail at $649.99. For more details, visit Sterling Music Man.

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