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Lollar Overdrive Pedal – Limited Run with KGR Harmony Effects

Lollar Overdrive Pedal limited run
New Lollar Overdrive: A Unique Collaboration with KGR Harmony Effects using centuries-old Japanese forging technique known as nambu-tekki.

In an exciting fusion of expertise and creativity, Lollar Pickups has joined forces with the renowned Japanese pedal manufacturer, KGR Harmony Effects, to introduce an exclusive limited run of 100 Lollar Overdrive pedals.

Lollar Overdrive

What sets this Lollar Overdrive pedal apart is not only its impressive sonic capabilities but also its captivating cast iron enclosure, expertly crafted using a centuries-old Japanese forging technique known as nambu-tekki.

Jason Lollar has really created a premium product with this new release.

Lollar Overdrive Pedal

A Remarkable Partnership

The journey towards this remarkable collaboration began when Keijiro Fukushima, the visionary owner and pedal designer at KGR, paid a visit to the Lollar crew last autumn. Keijiro’s pedal creations left a lasting impression, not only for their sonic versatility but also for the sheer artistry evident in the enclosures he designed to house them.

After careful consideration, the team at Lollar focused their attention on KGR’s Overdrive pedal. While Lollar Pickups are celebrated for their pristine tone when connected directly to an amplifier, the reality is that many guitarists enhance their sound with effects. Overdrive pedals are among the most popular choices for this purpose, and this collaborative project promised to deliver something exceptional.

Lollar Overdrive Pedal

A Sonic Canvas: The Lollar Overdrive Pedal

The Lollar Overdrive pedal, a product of this partnership, offers musicians a sonic canvas with remarkable flexibility. It features essential controls, including Volume and Gain adjustments, along with a built-in 3-band EQ.

This means that whether you’re looking for that sweet bluesy crunch or a roaring rock sound, this pedal has you covered. And let’s not forget its aesthetic appeal – this pedal is a true work of art.

Lollar Overdrive Pedal

Craftsmanship Meets Tradition

What truly sets the limited-run Lollar Overdrive pedal apart is the exquisite cast iron enclosure that houses it. Keijiro Fukushima draws upon the centuries-old Japanese forging technique known as nambu-tekki, a craft closely associated with Japan’s Iwate prefecture.

This technique has long been renowned for producing beautiful cast-iron teapots, and Keijiro has adapted it to create stunning enclosures for his effects pedals. Utilizing a forge that has been operational for over two centuries, this blend of modern technology and ancient craftsmanship has given birth to the unique aesthetics of the Lollar Overdrive pedal.

Lollar Overdrive Pedal

A Must-Have Addition to Your Tone Arsenal

No matter what kind of pickups your guitar sports – whether it’s a Strat, Tele, P-90, humbucker, or even bass pickup – the Lollar Overdrive pedal is poised to be a valuable asset in shaping your personal tone.

Its versatility and sonic prowess ensure that it complements any player’s style and sound. Plus, let’s be honest, it looks absolutely stunning – a pedal that not only sounds great but also adds a touch of visual elegance to your pedalboard.

MSRP – $350

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