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Zoom MS50G+ Guitar Multi-Effects: A 2023 Upgrade

ZOOM MS50G+ Guitar Multi-Effects
Zoom has just unveiled the latest iteration of its popular multi-effects pedal, the Zoom MS50G+. Packed with 100 effects and presets

This new version builds upon the success of its predecessor, the Zoom MS-50G, which has been a go-to choice for guitarists seeking a compact and affordable multi-effect solution for over a decade. While it might not have always been hailed for its ultra-realistic sound and meticulous emulations, the MS-50G packed a lot of versatility into a single stompbox.

Enhanced Effects Selection

The Zoom MS50G+ takes things a step further by offering a staggering hundred effects onboard.

Guitarists now have access to an extensive palette of sounds and tones to experiment with. Additionally, this updated pedal comes equipped with 100 presets and the ability to run six effects simultaneously. This expanded feature set opens up new creative possibilities for musicians.

ZOOM MS50G+ Guitar Multi-Effects

Intuitive Navigation

Navigating through the myriad of effects is made more straightforward with the inclusion of a display that illuminates in different colors, categorizing the effects for easy identification on dimly lit stages.

This enhancement not only improves visibility but also contributes to a smoother user experience.

Effortless Control

The Zoom MS-50G+ features four black pads for convenient preset selection and management. Two of these pads are dedicated to changing presets, while the other two allow users to switch between banks.

ZOOM MS50G+ Guitar Multi-Effects

Tap Tempo

A central footswitch handles tap tempo control, ensuring precise timing during performances. The pedal’s four control knobs grant users the ability to fine-tune effect parameters, maintaining a familiar layout for those already acquainted with its predecessor.

ZOOM MS50G+ Guitar Multi-Effects

Handy Guitar Lab App

Zoom promises the release of a Handy Guitar Lab iOS app in the near future. This app will provide guitarists with a practical tool for loading, saving, and organizing presets.

With a total of 100 preset storage locations (85 for manufacturer presets and 15 for user presets), this pedal covers a wide range of essential effects, including Drives, Modulations, Delays, Reverbs, Compressors, Filters, and Special Effects. Additionally, it features a built-in tuner function.

ZOOM MS50G+ Guitar Multi-Effects

Versatile Connectivity

On the connectivity front, the MS-50G+ boasts a USB-C port for modern connectivity, in addition to the traditional 9-volt power connection. This pedal can also run on two AA batteries, offering flexibility for various power options. The mono jack input and stereo jack output further enhance its versatility.

Zoom MS50G+ Guitar Multi-Effects


In summary, the Zoom MS50G+ is a substantial upgrade that brings this compact multi-effects pedal into the modern era, offering guitarists a vast array of effects and an enhanced user experience.

With its improved features and versatility, it’s sure to make a compelling addition to any guitarist’s setup.

MSRP – $129

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