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Harley Benton’s Tube Amps: Affordable Boutique-Style Tones

Harley Benton's Tube Amps- Affordable Boutique-Style Tones
Harley Benton has introduced a trio of affordable tube amp heads, drawing inspiration from the success of their combo amp counterparts

Harley Benton has introduced a trio of tube amp heads inspired by boutique amp designs but without the hefty price tags. These cream Tolex-covered amp heads are not only easy on your wallet but also promise excellent tone. 

TUBE5: The Simple Powerhouse

– Features: Volume and Tone controls, power output button, red-orange jewel lamp indicator.
– Internals: ECC83/12AX7 in the preamp, 6V6 in the power amp, single 8-16 ohm speaker output.
– Weight: Only 5.2kg, making it portable and fun.

This model also features a handy Power Switch with an Attenuator (5W/1W) allowing the user to knock the volume right back. Perfect for studio recording and home use.

MSRP – $115

Harley Benton TUBE5

TUBE15: More Control, More Tone

– Features: Bass, Middle, and Treble controls, extra Tone control, onboard reverb, and effects loop.
– Internals: Powered by a pair of EL84s and three ECC83/12AX7 tubes in the preamp.
– Versatility: 15 watts for small gigs and a bedroom-friendly single-watt setting for practice.

This model also includes built-in reverb along with handy FX send/return for effects pedals.

MSRP –$194

Harley Benton TUBE15

TUBE30: Versatile Powerhouse

– Channels: Clean and Overdrive with separate controls.
EQ: Three-band EQ, reverb, and extra tone control for both channels.
– Connectivity: Effects loop, footswitch input, multiple speaker inputs.
– Power: Four EL84s in the power amp and three ECC83/12AX7 tubes in the preamp.

The TUBE30 is a Class-AB tube amp and is perfect for playing live or for use in the studio.

MSRP – $399

Harley Benton TUBE30

Vintage Styling

All of these amp heads share an appealing aesthetic with polished chrome control panels and white chicken head dials. The TUBE5 and TUBE15 are great for home use, with power-scaling features. The TUBE30 offers two channels and two inputs for more versatility.

G110 Celestion

Additionally, there’s a matching G110 Celestion speaker cabinet available for just $79, which complements these amp heads perfectly. These Harley Benton amp heads are exclusively available via Thomann. Get more details on their website.

Whether you’re a gigging musician or simply love to jam at home, these amp heads provide excellent tone at a price that won’t break the bank. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience boutique-style tones without the boutique price.

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