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Earthquaker Devices Zoar Dynamic Audio Grinder

Earthquaker Devices Zoar Dynamic Audio Grinder stands as a testament to the perfect fusion of old-school circuitry and modern hi-fi distortion

Are you on the hunt for a distortion pedal that combines old-school charm with hi-fi modern tones and the versatility of overdrive to low-medium gain fuzz? Look no further than the Earthquaker Devices Zoar.

Earthquaker Devices Zoar

The Earthquaker Zoar is a highly reactive medium-high gain distortion pedal designed to deliver a rich and modern distortion sound while retaining the essence of classic circuitry. This unique blend results in a pedal that’s instantly recognizable and endlessly customizable.

Earthquaker Devices Zoar Dynamic Audio Grinder


Whether you crave the sparkling clarity and tightness of overdrive or the growling power of low-medium gain fuzz, the Zoar can handle it all. With six intuitive knobs – Level, Weight, Gain, Bass, Middle, and Treble – you have complete control over your tone, from a gentle edge of breakup to full-on heavy saturation.

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Fine-Tuning Your Sound

The Gain control on the Zoar can take you from a subtle hint of breakup to a full-on grind. The character of the distortion is influenced by the Weight control and your pickup type, offering you a wide range of tonal possibilities. The Level control, which reaches unity around noon, plays a crucial role in shaping Zoar’s voice, depending on the settings of other controls.

Weight Control: This knob controls the amount of low-end frequencies that pass through the circuit, allowing you to sculpt the pedal’s character precisely to your liking.

Power up to 18V: The Zoar is not limited to 9V power; it can handle up to 18V, resulting in different frequency responses, enhanced dynamics, and quicker response.

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Here’s a quick rundown of the Zoar’s features:

– Extremely interactive medium-high gain distortion, offering a dynamic response.
Passive 3-band EQ optimized for modern dirt tones.
– Weight control to fine-tune the amount of low-end in your sound.
– Versatility for both guitar and bass, capable of delivering articulate or crushing tones.
– Wide range of tonal possibilities, not limited to high-gain distortion.
– All-analog signal path ensures top-notch sound quality.
True bypass for a clean signal when the pedal is off.
– Silent relay-based switching with Flexi-Switch Technology.
– Powered by a regular 9-18V DC PSU (center negative, 2.1mm plug, approximately 10mA current draw).

Guitar Bomb Verdict

In summary, the Earthquaker Devices Zoar Dynamic Audio Grinder offers the perfect blend of vintage-inspired distortion and modern flexibility. Whether you’re into guitar or bass, this pedal’s extensive controls and unique character make it a standout choice for musicians looking to craft their ideal sound.

MSRP – $129

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