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Two Notes OPUS – A Swiss Army Knife of Guitar Tones

Two Notes OPUS - A Swiss Army Knife of Guitar Tones
The new Two notes OPUS  is a full-on amp modelling rig for your recording setup. Watch Pete Thorn put the new OPUS to work in his home studio.

The new Two notes Opus is a full-on amp modeling rig for your recording setup. It allows guitarists to record with various virtual preamps, amps, and speakers in a compact pedal format solution.

Two notes OPUS

The Two Notes OPUS combines everything you need for recording into a DAW setup. It features virtual preamps, amp modeling, an IR host, plus Dyn IR’s, EQ, Reverb, and Acoustic DI all in a compact pedal format.

Two Notes OPUS – A Swiss Army Knife of Guitar Tones
Two Notes OPUS – A Swiss Army Knife of Guitar Tones

Pete Thorn

It will work with guitar and bass, plus an acoustic guitar DI box. The brief demo below with Pete Thorn gives a great overview of all the basic features.

Two Notes OPUS - A Swiss Army Knife of Guitar Tones

Tube Stage Modeling

Two notes, a name synonymous with innovative guitar solutions, presents OPUS – the ultimate Amp Simulator and DynIR Engine. Designed to push the boundaries of guitar tone, OPUS builds upon the legacy of the acclaimed C.A.B. series and digital cabinet simulation.

Key Features:

1. Pre- & Power-amp Tube-Stage Modeling (TSM): Experience the warmth and richness of tube amp tones in a digital format.
2. MIDI Integration: Seamlessly connect with your MIDI gear for total control.
3. USB-C Compatibility: A forward-looking USB-C port ensures you’re ready for the future.
4. Versatile Tonal Palette: From high-gain power to pristine clean tones and everything in between, OPUS has it all.
5. Portable Gig-Bag Solution: OPUS is your back-line in a compact, portable package.

OPUS editing software

Use with Amps

Pete mentions that the OPUS will also work with a standard guitar amp setup, but it will require a load box.

Before the Opus, the CAB series was renowned for its exceptional cabinet simulation capabilities, featuring DynIR Virtual Cabs from respected brands like Victory, Celestion, and Engl. Now, the OPUS goes beyond just cab sims, delivering a comprehensive package for guitarists. It offers tube-stage modeling preamp and power-amp simulations, ensuring your guitar sound is taken to the next level.

Pete Thorn with Two Notes OPUS

Amp Sims

What truly sets the Opus apart is its suite of amp simulations. You get a selection of five guitar and bass amps, and the promise of more to come through free firmware updates. These amps cater to a range of styles, from clean and versatile to aggressive and metal-driven tones.

The flagship models include Foundry, designed as a clean foundation for your pedalboard, and NiftyFifty, offering aggressive metal and ’80s tones. Peggy focuses on ’60s-style bass tones, while Albion and Foxy provide classic and hard rock as well as smooth mid-range bite.

For even more tonal flexibility, the Opus allows users to fine-tune the power amp section with four separate tube models (6L6, EL34, EL84, and KT88) available in various configurations.

DynIR Engine

In addition to amp simulations, the Opus doubles as a powerful DynIR Engine, boasting DynIR technology, which is considered the pinnacle in virtual guitar cab simulation. It offers the equivalent of 160,000 IR files, providing impressive tonal capabilities. The OPUS comes pre-loaded with the Series-O DynIR collection, which includes 32 captures featuring artist cabs from Steve Stevens, Dave Friedman, Pete Thorn, George Lynch, and Phil X.

Furthermore, the Opus offers 99 preset locations, a collection of 40+ artist presets, eight mics per cab with dual mic options, and 10K mic positions for precise tone sculpting. The Torpedo Remote application allows for close-quarter parameter control, enhancing your tone-sculpting experience.

Two Notes is rightfully proud of the Opus, with company CEO Guillaume Pille labeling it as “the epitome of everything Two Notes stands for.” They don’t just call it a masterpiece; they consider it “more than a masterpiece.”

Two Notes OPUS.jpg


All-in-one Solution

Essentially,  the pedal contains a host of virtual preamps, amps, and speaker cabinets. All are controlled by the Two Notes software, for easy navigation.

Two notes OPUS side



It also has onboard MIDI for control, an XLR DI out with Ground Lift, and a headphone out for silent practice.

MSRP – $299.99

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