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BOSS RV-200 Reverb Pedal with Arpverb

BOSS RV-200 Reverb Pedal
BOSS has introduced the RV-200 Reverb, the latest gem in its 200 Series of advanced effect pedals and it adds a new Arpverb algorithm

BOSS has just introduced the RV-200 Reverb, a fantastic addition to their beloved 200 Series of guitar effect pedals. This pedal offers a wealth of inspiring reverbs, all in a user-friendly, compact design that’s perfect for any pedalboard.


The BOSS RV-200 is finally here and the latest addition to their popular 200 Series pedal range.

Series 200

12 Reverbs

With twelve versatile reverb types, including the all-new Arpverb, the RV-200 has everything you need to add that extra dimension to your guitar tones, from subtle spatial color to dreamy ambient textures.

BOSS RV-200 Reverb Pedal

Memory Slots

Navigating the RV-200 is a breeze with its quick-access interface, and users can save their favorite settings in up to 127 memory slots. Plus, this pedal features handy onboard footswitches, robust external control options, and a range of expressive tools to take your performance to new heights.

What sets the RV-200 apart is its powerful reverberation engine, ensuring top-notch sound quality. Thanks to custom BOSS DSP, 32-bit AD/DA conversion, 32-bit floating-point processing, and a 96 kHz sampling rate, every reverb algorithm delivers studio-grade performance with remarkable detail and clarity.

BOSS RV-200 Reverb Pedal

Reverb Algorithms

Whether you’re after classic Room, Hall, and Plate sounds or deep and immersive tones like Shimmer, Slowverb, and the innovative Arpverb, the RV-200 has you covered.

Like all 200 series pedals, the RV-200 boasts an intuitive panel for easy sound shaping. Core controls allow you to adjust reverb time, effect level, pre-delay, and high and low filters.

You can also fine-tune the sound’s weight with the density control and explore unique sound-shaping tools specific to each reverb type using the parameter knob.

BOSS RV-200 Reverb Pedal rear panel

Warp, Twist, and Fade

Its onboard footswitches offer excellent performance versatility. Users can bypass the effect, cycle through memories, or engage the Hold function for extended reverb effects. Plus, you can assign powerful performance effects like Warp, Twist, and Fade to these footswitches.

BOSS RV-200 Reverb Pedal MIDI


Users can assign various parameters to external footswitches or an expression pedal, and it supports MIDI I/O via mini TRS jacks.

This allows you to chain multiple 200 Series pedals and control memories on all of them simultaneously. It’s also compatible with external MIDI controllers and devices like the BOSS ES-8 and ES-5 effects switchers.

There are a lot of great features and the price point is very good. Making this new reverb one to check out for sure.

MSRP – $269.99

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