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Strymon Public Beta Nixie 2 – Pedal Management Software

In a recent update, Strymon has unveiled the Public Beta version of its highly anticipated Nixie 2 pedal management software.

In an exciting development for the Strymon community, the highly anticipated Public Beta version of the Nixie 2 pedal management software has been officially released.

Nixie 2

Designed as a comprehensive suite of applications, Nixie 2 aims to become the central hub for all Strymon products, eliminating the need for separate apps and offering a streamlined experience for users.

The original Nixie was known for its compatibility with BigSky, TimeLine, and Mobius, providing advanced editing and patch management features.

With Nixie 2, Strymon aims to expand compatibility across a broader range of products and introduce new features to enhance the overall user experience.

Strymon Public Beta Nixie 2
Strymon Announces Public Beta for Nixie 2

What will it do?

This new software, developed from the ground up, promises to handle various tasks, including firmware updates, impulse response management, and patch import and backups. The goal is to simplify the user experience by consolidating all management functions into a single platform.

Strymon Mobius

Public Beta

However, achieving this level of integration is a complex task, requiring changes to both the software and individual pedal firmware. The initial beta version, therefore, offers support for Cloudburst, Iridium (limited IR management), BigSky, TimeLine, and Mobius. Strymon acknowledges that achieving full compatibility will take time, and users are encouraged to stay updated on future announcements regarding expanded support.

Strymon Big Sky

Strymon Update

Before diving into Nixie 2, users are advised to download the latest version of Strymon Update and ensure their pedals are running the most recent firmware. While this step may not be a permanent requirement, it currently serves as a precaution to ensure a smooth experience.

Strymon Cloudburst Reverb

Key Features of Nixie 2

1. Dial In Your Settings
Manage parameters, presets, and firmware updates for Strymon pedals directly from your computer, with real-time control feedback.

2. Back Up Your Presets
Easily back up the entire contents of your pedals with a single button press, ensuring you always have access to your favorite sounds.

3. Connect Multiple Pedals
Nixie 2 allows simultaneous communication with multiple devices, offering flexibility in managing your Strymon pedals.

4. Full Compatibility Coming Soon
While the initial release supports Iridium, Cloudburst, BigSky, Timeline, and Mobius, Strymon assures users that compatibility with more pedals is on the horizon.

Guitar Bomb Verdict

Nixie 2 could be a useful tool for users who like to tweak and get hands-on with the minutia of their effect settings, manage patches, etc

It is a good idea to keep a lookout for any further updates as Nixie 2 evolves into the central control hub for the Strymon universe. As it promises an enhanced and unified experience for its product range, eventually.

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