Bad Cat Amplifiers Unveils the Jet Black – EL84 Tube Tone

Bad Cat Amplifiers Unveils the Jet Black

Bad Cat Amplifiers has recently launched the Jet Black, a formidable addition to their lineup, boasting a robust 38-watt output driven by four EL84 tubes. This powerhouse is engineered to deliver ample headroom and dynamic response, catering to guitarists who demand more volume without compromising on tonal quality.

Jet Black

At its core, the Jet Black’s design was inspired by the need to amplify the signature sound of the Black Cat series for players seeking greater volume. Incorporating a second pair of EL-84 tubes, the Jet Black not only achieves a louder and tighter output but also surprises with its extraordinary tonal capabilities. It is also a dual-channel amp design so should be pretty versatile.


Dual Channels

Channel One has been redefined to offer a bold and clear output, ideal for pristine clean tones and harmonically enriched edge-of-breakup sounds. Channel Two, on the other hand, is a playground of versatility, apt for various rock-oriented tones and capturing the essence of both classic and contemporary guitar sounds.


Cut Through the Mix

What sets the Jet Black apart is its 3-Band EQ, offering meticulous control over your tone. It stands out with a pronounced mid/high response, ensuring it cuts through the mix.

This unique feature positions the Jet Black not only apart from traditional “British Voice” amplifiers but also as a harmonious addition in a multi-guitar band setting, eliminating the need for a volume battle.

Bad Cat Amplifiers Unveils the Jet Black
Bad Cat Amplifiers Unveils the Jet Black

Reverb & Tremolo

In an unusual twist for rock-oriented amps, the Jet Black incorporates finely-tuned Reverb and Bias-Modulated Tremolo circuits. These additions broaden its sonic range, providing lush, noise-free effects that can be adjusted in depth and speed.

The amplifier is also designed with practicality in mind, featuring a transparent FX Loop for seamless integration of external effects, a line out for easy use with external impulse responses or re-amping, and multiple speaker outputs (4, 8, 16, 2×4, 2×8 Ohms) to suit various setups.


Completing the package is a two-button footswitch, offering convenient control over the tremolo and channel selection. The Jet Black is not just an amplifier; it’s a tool for musicians to redefine their sound and unleash their creativity on stage and in the studio.


Head & Combo

The Jet Black is available as a head or as a combo. Designed and built in Costa Mesa, California, these US-made amps will be pro-quality work tools, with bags of great tones.

  • HEAD – W 20.75” x D 10.375” x H 10” 
– 31lbs
  • COMBO – W 23.75” x D 10.25” x H 19” 
– 47lbs

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