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ReValver 5: The Revival of a Digital Amp Sim Pioneer

HeadRush's ReValver 5
ReValver 5 is back and under the HeadRush brand, the amp sim software once created by Peavey returns with even more power

ReValver 5 has just been announced. In the dynamic world of digital amplification, ReValver, the acclaimed amp sim software by Peavey, has made a triumphant return with its latest iteration, ReValver 5. This revival, under the banner of HeadRush, marks a significant leap in the software’s evolution since its last major update in 2014.

ReValver 5

ReValver, a name synonymous with pioneering digital amp modeling since the early 2000s, has re-emerged from a period of relative obscurity. Its latest version, ReValver 5, boasts a state-of-the-art modeling engine and seamless integration with HeadRush’s extensive range of multi-effects pedalboards.

ReValver 5


The journey of ReValver has been a fascinating one. Initially developed by Peavey, the software underwent a series of ownership changes, eventually landing under the umbrella of inMusic, the parent company of HeadRush. Now, ReValver 5 stands poised to compete in a market brimming with innovative contenders like Line 6, Neural DSP, and Fender.

Despite the intense competition, HeadRush’s expertise in this domain is undeniable. The company has a proven track record, and with ReValver’s dedicated fan base, the software’s return is anticipated to make significant waves in the industry. ReValver has historically stood out for offering the only officially licensed Peavey and Budda amp plugins, a legacy that continues with the new release.

ReValver 5 effects pedals

Hardware & DAWs

The most notable feature of ReValver 5 is its compatibility with HeadRush hardware. This synergy allows for unprecedented flexibility, enabling users to craft HeadRush presets in ReValver for use in digital audio workstations (DAWs) and transfer ReValver’s amp models to HeadRush multi-effects units for live performance.



ReValver 5 isn’t just about continuity; it’s a revamped beast loaded with new features. The software is available for free download, offering basic models, but its true potential is unlocked through various expansion packs.

The packs range from the $12 Standard package, including 12 amps and 12 stompboxes, to the comprehensive $79 Producer collection, boasting 50 amps and 77 stompboxes.

Digital amp models in ReValver 5 encompass a wide range, from HeadRush’s designs to those inspired by industry giants like Marshall, Vox, and Fender. Notably, the plugin offers exclusive Peavey 6506 and 6506+ amps, meticulously crafted with the original equipment’s assistance.

ReValver 5 represents a significant stride in the digital amp simulation arena, blending legacy with innovation. Its integration with HeadRush hardware and a vast array of tonal options positions it as a formidable contender in the amp sim arms race.

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