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Foxgear 100W Series – 100W MiniAmps in pedal format

Foxgear 100W Series
Foxgear 100W Series includes four flavors of classic guitar amps: Marshall, HiWatt, Fender. and Vox. Each is in a compact pedal format

Foxgear 100W Series is a line of pedal-sized guitar amplifiers. These compact powerhouses, retailing at $249 each, pack a punch with 100 watts of output power, making them a game-changer in the realm of musical equipment.

Foxgear 100W Series

The Foxgear 100W Series introduces four distinct models, each meticulously designed to replicate the iconic sounds of legendary rock amplifiers. Allowing guitarists to fit a classic amp into the palm of their hand, as each amp is in a neat compact pedal format.

Foxgear 100W Series
Foxgear 100W Series

Four Classic Amp Styles

The M-1959 model is a tribute to the British classic rock sound, drawing inspiration from the Marshall Plexi. The HW-103 mirrors another British icon, the Hiwatt, while the TW-100 brings the American style to the forefront, based on the black panel Fender Twin Reverb. Lastly, the V-100 captures the chiming British classic Vox tone.

Foxgear HW-103

Authentic Amp Tone

What sets the Foxgear Miniamp series apart is its ability to faithfully reproduce the exact tone and behavior of these tube amplifiers. The series is not just about powerful sound; it’s about authenticity and quality, ensuring that guitarists can achieve the classic sounds they admire.

Foxgear TW-100


Apart from their impressive sound reproduction, these amps are incredibly versatile. They can function as a full guitar amplifier, a Direct Box, or both, thanks to their 100% analog amplifier and cab simulator.

The highlight of the series is the VARICAB feature, a 100% Analog Variable Cab Simulator. This isn’t just another EQ control; it’s an innovative tool that allows real-time changes to the behavior of the amp, affecting frequencies, response, compression, and punchiness.

Foxgear M-1959

XLR Balanced Out

The Miniamp/D.I. series is designed for convenience and versatility. The left side of the Miniamp D.I. features an XLR Balanced Out with two controls and a switch, providing options for both Direct and Cab Sim outputs.

This flexibility makes the Miniamp ideal for various settings, whether it’s a live stage performance or home recording.

Foxgear M-1959 XLR Balanced Out


Each model is powered by an external 30-volt DC power unit and delivers 100W real RMS into 4 Ohms. The compact size of these amps doesn’t compromise their functionality, making them a perfect choice for guitarists who value both quality and convenience.

Foxgear V-100

Make sure to check out the full details from their website below. All four pedals are available from Thomann.

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