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Stone Deaf FX Rise & Shine – Fuzz Octave Tremolo / Vibrato

Stone Deaf FX Rise & Shine - Fuzz Octave Tremolo : Vibrato
Stone Deaf FX Rise & Shine combines Fuzz Octave Tremolo / Vibrato with external expression control and multiple user modes

Stone Deaf FX ‘Rise & Shine’ Octave-Up Fuzz” In a groundbreaking move, Stone Deaf FX has re-entered the realm of digitally controlled analog pedals with its latest innovation, the ‘Rise & Shine’ octave-up fuzz pedal. This cutting-edge device is being hailed as a perfect marriage of vintage soundscapes and modern technology, offering musicians a myriad of new sonic landscapes to explore.

Rise & Shine Octave-Up Fuzz

The pedal’s standout feature is the ‘Octapulse’, a novel element that ingeniously merges tremolo and vibrato effects.

This comes with a tap tempo option and a variety of built-in subdivisions, as well as the capability to input custom-tapped patterns. This level of customization ensures that the pedal can accurately track and enhance even the most complex time signature-skewed riffs.

The UK-based company, founded in 2010 and renowned for its unique designs, has taken a bold step away from conventional designs, focusing on advancing both analog and digital circuitry.

Rise & Shine Octave-Up Fuzz


Additionally, Stone Deaf has incorporated an expression pedal input, adding another layer of personalization to the pedal’s oscillation patterns. Other notable features include standard fuzz, selective momentary octave up, and bypass capabilities.

The ‘Rise & Shine’ boasts a robust custom soft-touch optical footswitch system, reportedly enduring over 10 million uses. Its versatile gain control ranges from subtle distortion to intense fuzz, complemented by a tone control for high or low pass filters and a clean blend option for clearer note definition.

Stone Deaf FX Rise & Shine - Fuzz Octave Tremolo : Vibrato

Octapulse tremolo

The pedal’s sound modes are intuitively indicated through two LED lights, offering options like standard and selectable analog octave-up fuzz, momentary octave fuzz, and momentary bypass. Particularly intriguing are the two final modes, featuring a standard division Octapulse tremolo with momentary control and a custom division option for user-defined subdivisions. These features are especially appealing to a wide range of guitarists, from shoegaze enthusiasts to prog-metal fans.

Three years of meticulous development have gone into the ‘Rise & Shine’, reflecting Stone Deaf FX’s commitment to excellence.

The pedal’s design extends to its sleek, sandblasted aluminum chassis with detailed laser engraving and machined aluminum knobs, which are engineered to prevent accidental adjustments.

Stone Deaf FX Rise & Shine - Fuzz Octave Tremolo : Vibrato


Priced at £265 for UK customers (shipping included), and $285 (US) and £315 (EU), the ‘Rise & Shine’ is not just a pedal but a statement of Stone Deaf FX’s dedication to innovative design.

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