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Temu $17 Wireless Humbucker Guitar Pickup

Temu $17 Wireless Humbucker Guitar Pickup
Temu $17 Wireless Humbucker Guitar Pickup. This proof of concept works and could be the start off something new for guitarists

A Temu $17 Wireless Humbucker Guitar Pickup? Yes, YouTube content creator Mark Gutierrez has made a ‘proof of concept’ using off-the-shelf parts and it works.

Temu $17 Wireless Humbucker Guitar Pickup

The concept is simple, remove the old technology and make a guitar pickup completely wireless. Using Temu Mark Gutierrez has made a simple, yet perfectly effective wireless humbucking pickup. Mark makes some interesting stuff, you may remember his $1 fuzz circuit.

Wireless Humbucker Guitar Pickup

Old Technology

This latest project was his way of testing out the idea of removing ‘core components’ leftover from old technology.

Removing the Jack

Old technology includes quarter-inch Jack plugs and cables. This proof of concept works well, though this first version has no volume control wired and currently no recharging option. However, these two things would be simple enough to add.

Wireless Pickup in Guitar

The Mule

Mark uses simple neodymium magnets held in place by super glue to hold the two components together. Then he solders the output from the humbucker directly to the wireless transmitter’s input after removing the jack plug and plastic housing. He then places the wireless humbucker into his ‘Mule’ test guitar to test the concept and it works perfectly.

The basic concept is sound and works. This means, that we could potentially create wireless pickups if we wanted to. Now, all it will take is someone to take this concept and run with it.

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