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DOD Gunslinger Reissue: MOSFET Distortion Returns

DOD Gunslinger Reissue: A Harmonic Distortion Revolution 
DOD Gunslinger Reissue the MOSFET distortion pedal returns with touch sensitivity, loads of saturation and an amp like growl

In the world of guitar effects, the reissue of the DOD Gunslinger pedal marks a significant milestone for musicians seeking the ultimate overdrive and distortion tones. Known for its tube-like harmonics, the Gunslinger is engineered to produce a range of detailed, complex sounds, catering to the nuanced demands of guitarists.

DOD Gunslinger

A key feature of the DOD Gunslinger is its ability to transform clean combo amps into something reminiscent of a modified British-style amplifier. The pedal’s robust design includes a brushed-metal chassis that not only ensures durability but also adds a bold aesthetic to the pedal. Additionally, a crisp blue LED power indicator enhances its visual appeal.

Active EQ

The pedal boasts four independent control knobs, each serving a distinct purpose. The ‘GAIN’ knob adjusts the level of signal amplification, allowing players to dial in the perfect amount of distortion. The ‘LEVEL’ knob controls the output level, providing flexibility in sound output.

The active EQ section is a standout feature, with the ‘LOW’ knob enabling boosts or cuts in low frequencies – from deep, bone-rattling sounds to cleaner midrange tones. Conversely, the ‘HIGH’ knob allows for the adjustment of treble frequencies.



One of the Gunslinger’s most compelling attributes is its operation as a MOSFET (metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor) device. This technology enables it to emulate the coveted valve sounds of classic guitar amps. The result is exceptional touch sensitivity and saturation, reminiscent of preamp tubes in vintage amps.



The pedal’s responsiveness to playing dynamics means the distortion can vary from aggressive when played hard, to cleaner, less distorted tones when played lightly. This is further enhanced by the option to operate at either 9 or 12V, providing even more control over the output.


Guitar Bomb Verdict

In conclusion, the DOD Gunslinger reissue is a versatile tool for guitarists seeking a broad spectrum of overdrive and distortion tones. Its combination of robust design, precise control, and MOSFET technology makes it a must-have for guitar enthusiasts looking to elevate their sound. Whether it’s aggressive distortion or subtle overdrive, the Gunslinger stands ready to deliver.

DOD Gunslinger Reissue is available now at Thomann

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