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Neural DSP Announces Cortex Control Official Launch

Neural DSP Announces Cortex Control Official Launch
Neural DSP officially launch of Cortex Control, a fully integrated platform for managing all the features and settings of the Quad Cortex

Neural DSP Technologies has just unveiled Cortex Control, a cutting-edge desktop platform that revolutionizes the way users interact with the Quad Cortex amp modeler. This launch marks a significant milestone in the world of amp modeling, offering a range of user-experience enhancements and creative control options.

Cortex Control

Developed through extensive research and shaped by feedback from Quad Cortex users, Cortex Control is more than just an update—it’s a game-changer. Dan Davies, Neural DSP’s Chief Marketing Officer, emphasizes the significance of this launch as a result of ongoing innovation and valuable community input.

What Makes Cortex Control Stand Out?

1. Speed and Efficiency: Cortex Control boots up in mere seconds, syncing instantly with the Quad Cortex. This feature ensures a seamless workflow, allowing users to dive back into their projects without interruption.

2. Enhanced Backup Options: Users can now effortlessly create and manage local backups of their Quad Cortex settings and files, ensuring safety and accessibility.

3. Intuitive Interface: The platform offers intuitive mouse actions and keyboard shortcuts, making it incredibly user-friendly. It simplifies tasks such as tweaking settings, managing files, and navigating the interface.

4. Bulk Actions for Ease: Cortex Control allows for bulk actions like copying, uploading, downloading, or deleting multiple presets, Neural Captures, or IRs, significantly streamlining the user experience.

5. Innovative Features: Among its many features, Cortex Control enables internet access via USB, streamlined importing of Impulse Responses (IRs), and easy creation of Neural Captures. Additionally, the Live Tuner feature keeps you in tune without the need to open a separate tuner.

Neural DSP announces Cortex Control Launch

CorOS 2.3.0

CorOS 2.3.0 has also been officially announced along with the Cortex Control. It adds the following updates to Quad Cortex;

  • MIDI Clock Out – Quad Cortex can now send outgoing MIDI Clock via USB, DIN, and USB+DIN.
  • Pinned DevicesDevices can now be pinned to the top of a model list in each model category within the Device List and Change Device menu.
  • Made by Me’ Filter – A ‘Made by Me’ filter has been added to the Filter menu within My Captures in the Directory, the Model List, and the Change Device menu.
  • Stomp Mode Bypass Assignment – A global setting for whether footswitches are automatically assigned to blocks’ bypass settings. If you enable auto-assign, blocks will be assigned to footswitches in the order they are added to The Grid.
  • Swap Tempo and Tuner Access – Enable to access the Tempo settings by holding the bottom-right footswitch and access the Tuner by double‒tapping the bottom-right footswitch.
  • Reset MenuA Reset menu has been added within Device Options to organize the different reset features.
  • Reset Settings OptionAdded a Reset Settings option to the new Settings > Device Options > Reset menu. The Reset Settings option will reset I/O Settings parameters and Settings menu values to factory default values. The Settings > My Account menu will not be reset after performing this action.

Graphic-9 EQ

  • UI overhaul.
  • HPF parameter value range is now OFF-500Hz.
  • Added an LPF parameter to the second tab of parameters.
  • The legacy Graphic-9 EQ device can be accessed through the Graphic-9 EQ parameter editor contextual menu.


  • Numeric Keyboard Improvements have been made to the Numeric Keyboard.
  • Select Multiple Filter Options You can now select multiple filters for Neural Captures within the Directory, the Device List, and the Change Device menu.

Plus, several fixes to the overall system which are detailed here

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Guitar Bomb Verdict

Neural DSP’s Cortex Control is not just an update; it’s a leap forward in amp modeling technology, offering unparalleled creative control and workflow optimization. For anyone involved in the world of music production and amp modeling, Cortex Control is set to become an indispensable tool.

Cortex Control is available immediately and for free for Quad Cortex users on MacOS and Windows platforms.

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Quad Cortex

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