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NAMM 2024: Gibson Amplifiers Falcon 20 – All Set for a Comeback!

NAMM 2024- Gibson Amplifiers Set for a Comeback with the Falcon 20
Gibson Amplifiers are making a grand return with the re-release of the Falcon 20. First released back in 1961 and due out any time soon.

Exciting news for guitar enthusiasts: Gibson Amplifiers are making a grand return, as hinted by CEO Cesar Gueikian in 2021. The big reveal includes the model’s name and an exclusive sneak peek.

UPDATE 16/01/24

They are now out, well two of them at least…

Gibson Amplifiers Falcon 20

Gibson’s interactive new landing page teases the upcoming launch, inviting fans to join a mailing list for the latest updates. Expect more news in the coming weeks. Potentially, around the time of NAMM 2024.

Gibson Falcon 20


The highlight is the Falcon 20, an amplifier that marries vintage charm with modern innovation. It features a cream Tolex exterior, adjustable attenuation controls (Full, Half, and Low), and a mysterious Frequency dial, possibly for tremolo effects.


The Falcon 20 pays homage to the original Gibson Falcon (GA-19RVT), a 14-watt combo amp from 1961. Known for its reverb and tremolo features, the original Falcon was a testament to Gibson’s innovative spirit. It boasted a 12″ Jensen speaker, 6V6 power tubes, a trio of 6EU7 preamp tubes, and a 7199 tube for its reverb circuit.

NAMM 2024- Gibson Amplifiers Set for a Comeback with the Falcon 20
NAMM 2024- Gibson Amplifiers Set for a Comeback with the Falcon 20

Gibson Amps are back

Gibson’s storied history in amp production dates back to 1935, with this model halting production in 1967. The GA and BR series became cult classics. The acquisition of Mesa/Boogie in 2021 reignited interest in American-made Gibson amps.

Gibson Amps are Back

Randall Smith

Later in 2021, Gueikian confirmed to that Mesa/Boogie founder Randall Smith was spearheading the new Gibson amp designs, promising a fresh evolution in their Petaluma, California facility.

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