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NAMM 2024: Ibanez Unveils Exciting RG and S Series Electric Guitars

NAMM 2024- Ibanez Unveils Exciting RG and S Series Electric Guitars
Ibanez unveils its impressive 2024 collection of RG and S Series electric guitars, featuring a range of eye-catching designs

Ready for NAMM 2024, Ibanez has proudly introduced its stunning 2024 lineup of RG and S Series electric guitars, showcasing an array of striking designs and technical enhancements.

Ibanez RG and S Series Key Updates

– RG Standards: Now featuring direct-mount pickups.
– RG GIOs: Upgraded models with new tremolo units.
– S Premium: A unique, exotic design.

NAMM 2024- Ibanez Unveils Exciting RG and S Series Electric Guitars

New Features and Colors

The focus has been on bold, Ibanez-specific colors and innovative pickup-mounting techniques. The inclusion of premium tremolo units is a noteworthy addition.

Detailed Overview of Ibanez RG and S Series Instruments

RG Standard Series

– Direct-Mount Pickups: A first for the RG Standard range.
– Edge-Zero II Tremolos: Now included in sub-$500 guitars.
– Models and Finishes: RG421, RG421EX, RG421S available in multiple finishes.
– Specifications: Quantum humbuckers, meranti body, Wizard III maple neck, jatoba fretboard, jumbo frets, and F106 hardtail bridge.

Ibanez RG Standard
Ibanez RG Standard
Ibanez RG7420EX
Ibanez RG7420EX
Ibanez RG470DX
Ibanez RG470DX

RG GIO Series

– New Variants: Two GIO models featuring double-locking tremolos.
– Affordable Options: GRG320FA and GRGR330EX in various finishes.
– Build and Specs: Basswood body, flame maple top, GRG maple neck, Infinity R humbuckers, purpleheart fretboard, medium frets.

Ibanez GRG320FA Blue Sunburst
Ibanez GRG320FA Blue Sunburst
GRG320FA Red Burst
GRG320FA Red Burst
Ibanez GRGR330EX.
Ibanez GRGR330EX

RG and S Premium Series

– Updated Designs: RG Premiums in HH and HSH variants, and a new S Premium model.
– Components: DiMarzio pickups, poplar burl tops, basswood body, ebony fingerboards, Wizard III necks.
– Unique Finishes: Cosmic Blue Starburst Flat, Stained Wine Red Low Gloss, and more.

Ibanez RG Premium Cosmic Blue Starburst Flat
Ibanez RG Premium HSH Cosmic Blue Starburst Flat
Ibanez RG Premium HH Stained Wine Red Low Gloss
Ibanez RG Premium HH Stained Wine Red Low Gloss

S1070PBZ – A Standout Model

This model features an 11-piece neck, and a multi-layered top over a mahogany body, and is finished in Charcoal Black Burst. It also boasts DiMarzio pickups, an Edge-Zero II tremolo, rosewood fingerboard, and Gotoh MG-T locking tuners.

Ibanez S1070PBZ
Ibanez S1070PBZ

For more information on these exciting new guitars from Ibanez, visit their website or check out the NAMM 2024 show. As ever, Ibanez has a huge amount of new models and updates for this year’s show and be sure to check back here for more updates as the show progresses.

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