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Unleash the Tropical Fuzz Revolution: Beetronics Abelha Pedal

Unleash the Tropical Fuzz Revolution- Beetronics Abelha Pedal
Beetronics Abelha Tropical Fuzz, where the spirit of Brazil's psychedelic music scene meets fuzz with multiple modes and bags of tones

In the heart of Brazil’s vibrant music scene, the Beetronics Abelha Tropical Fuzz pedal emerges as a groundbreaking innovation, merging the psychedelic essence of Tropicália with cutting-edge technology. The Abelha, named after the Portuguese word for “bee,” is a nod to the buzz and energy of Brazil’s musical landscape. This pedal is not just an effect; it’s a journey through time, combining the vintage charm of classic fuzz with modern, forward-thinking design.

Revolutionary Features for the Modern Musician

The Abelha stands out with its unique feature set, offering three distinct fuzz flavors. “Polen” brings a sagged, spitty tone reminiscent of a dying battery in a germanium fuzz style. “Nectar” offers a round, expansive fuzzy sound, and “Honey” delivers a more contained gain with impressive versatility. The pedal’s intuitive “Buzz” and “Loud” controls allow for precise adjustment of fuzz intensity and volume, while the “HI” and “LO” settings provide comprehensive EQ shaping capabilities.

Beetronics Abelha Pedal

Step Into the Tropics with Innovative Tropical Mode

Perhaps the most striking feature is the “Tropical Mode”, a high-pass filter that instantly transports players to psychedelic realms. This mode can be activated with a double tap or a hold on the footswitch, encouraging spontaneous sonic exploration. The pedal also features three footswitch profile options, allowing musicians to tailor the tempo changes for the momentary function to their playing style.

Designed for Both Traditionalists and Innovators

Beetronics has meticulously crafted the Abelha to appeal to a broad range of musicians. Whether you’re a traditionalist drawn to the nostalgic tones of yesteryear or a modern player seeking new sonic territories, this pedal provides the tools for expansive musical expression. Its ability to create a wide range of fuzz tones makes it an indispensable part of any guitarist’s toolkit.

Quality and Convenience in Design

The Abelha is not just about sound; its design speaks volumes about Beetronics’ commitment to quality. The pedal features a true bypass design, ensuring your tone remains uncolored when the effect is disengaged. With top-mounted input and output jacks, it’s convenient for any pedalboard setup. Plus, its modest power requirement of 9V, 60mA, makes it an easy addition to your rig.

Unleash the Tropical Fuzz Revolution- Beetronics Abelha Pedal

Handcrafted with Love in California

Each Abelha pedal is carefully made in California, USA, underscoring Beetronics’ dedication to craftsmanship and quality.  Get ready to embark on a sonic journey with the Beetronics Abelha Tropical Fuzz, where the spirit of Brazil’s psychedelic music scene meets the forefront of musical creativity.

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