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Fender Switchboard Effects Operator – A rival for TheGigRig?

Fender Switchboard Effects Operator - A rival for TheGigRig?
Fender Switchboard Effects Operator a new affordable rival for the RJM Mastermind PBC/6X and the GigRig Atom G3?

Fender has just announced the launch of its innovative product, the Switchboard Effects Operator, as part of its exciting pre-NAMM lineup. This lineup includes a variety of new guitars, parts, and accessories, but the Switchboard stands out as a unique offering in the effects category.

Switchboard Effects Operator

The Fender Switchboard Effects Operator is designed to rival products like TheGigRig’s G3 Atom or Boss’ ES range. Designed in collaboration with Ron Menelli, the premier loop-switching expert called on by the pros.

It boasts five stereo, true-bypass effects loops, which users can easily arrange in any desired order. Its standout feature is the ability to save customized patch setups into a bank for quick access. These presets are created using a user-friendly LCD screen and a rotary encoder.

Fender Switchboard Effects Operator - A rival for TheGigRig?

MIDI Control

A highlight of the Switchboard is its advanced functionality. It supports MIDI, enabling control messages in complex digital setups. Additionally, it includes a footswitch jack for various uses, such as amp channel switching or setting tempos on analog delays. This makes changing your sound effortless, eliminating the need for the traditional pedalboard juggling act.

Fender Switchboard Effects Operator NAMM 2024


The device also offers an internal volume pedal in the signal chain, which can be preset or externally controlled via an expression pedal. While it doesn’t have per-loop buffers like some units, it includes switchable input and output buffers to maintain strong signal quality.

Fender seems to have thoroughly researched before entering this product category. The Switchboard includes all the expected features of a high-end switcher – MIDI, stereo capabilities, and more.

Fender Switchboard Effects Operator rear panel


The Switchboard also expands Fender’s reach in modern pedalboard styles. It’s ideal for setups that require MIDI-capable stereo loop switchers, especially those with multiple high-end pedals. Additional features include a built-in tuner, 500 presets, USB and MIDI connectivity, an expression pedal input, footswitch output, and high-fidelity buffers.

Aesthetically, the Switchboard is designed to blend seamlessly with boutique setups, boasting a sleek enclosure that sets it apart from more traditional designs.

Retailing at $449.99, the Switchboard offers excellent value compared to similar products like the RJM Mastermind PBC/6X or the GigRig Atom G3, which are priced higher and offer six loops. This makes the Switchboard a competitive and attractive option for guitarists seeking a high-quality, versatile loop switcher.

Available from Thomann here

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