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Florida Man Christian Nolen Strums Guitar During Brain Surgery

Florida Man Christian Nolen Strums Guitar During Brain Surgery
Florida Man Performs Guitar During His Brain Surgery. Playing System Of A Down and Deftones hits as surgeons operated

Florida Man Christian Nolen Strums Guitar During Brain Surgery. In a remarkable display of courage and skill, Florida musician Christian Nolen serenaded surgeons with System Of A Down and Deftones hits while they removed a tumor from his frontal lobe. This extraordinary event took place at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, where Nolen’s unique surgery was performed.

Brain Surgery

Unlike typical surgeries where patients are unconscious, Nolen’s procedure required him to be awake. This was crucial for the medical team to monitor and preserve his manual dexterity, especially important due to the tumor’s location on the right side of his frontal lobe. Dr. Ricardo Komotar, director of the brain tumor program at Sylvester, explained that the tumor was affecting Nolen’s left hand’s movement, impacting his guitar-playing ability.

Strum Guitar

The decision to have Nolen play the guitar during surgery was not only a means of distraction but a critical part of the procedure. Awake surgeries, especially for tumors near critical brain areas, allow real-time monitoring of vital functions. In Nolen’s case, playing guitar enabled the team to assess the impact of the surgery on his hand movements continuously.

Florida Man Christian Nolen Strums Guitar During Brain Surgery

Tumor Removed as he Riffed

Nolen’s willingness to stay awake and play guitar during the operation highlights a unique approach to brain surgery. His experience underscores the advancements in medical procedures, where patient involvement can directly influence the outcome. As the surgery concluded, the team successfully removed the entire tumor without harming Nolen’s hand function, marking a triumph for both medical science and the human spirit.

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